what makeup for very oily skin?

irislover7bFebruary 26, 2006

Most recently I've tried Cornsilk foundation, but my skin is still extremely oily within a couple of hours. I've never found an eyeshadow that won't crease within a couple hours. I wash my face with Neutrogena for acne, twice a day in spring, summer and fall, I use it once a day in winter. I gave up wearing makeup a long time ago. I took birth control pills for 20 years, and it wasn't as bad when I was on them, but since I quit taking them due to fibroids, it's gotten much worse. I've also got large pores that are always clogging. I'm 40 years old, and had hoped that by now my skin wouldn't be so darn oily. My mother had very oily skin until she was about 55. Years ago she used a prescription makeup that I think was called Resulin or something like that. It was in a brown glass bottle and smelled like sulfur. Yuck. Anybody else have extremely oily skin?

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Don't use any liquid foundations. Use a cleanser with salicylic acid, use masks or cleansers containing Bentonite (that green clay) - great for cleaning pores. You probably don't need a moisturizer at all. I would try pancake makeup - the solid that you apply with a wet sponge. It's great for oiliness. Max Factor has it's age-old Pancake. Shisheido sells a version of the solid foundation in a compact with the sponge in a separate compartment, so you can touch-up during the day.

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Most of the pancake makeups also contain a good bit of oil. To be honest, the only thing I've ever had any sucess with is a routine of a good cleanser followed by a mattifier product (I have good luck with Proactive, but CornSilk Zero Shine Invisible Mattifier is also good) and a powder makeup. I have switched to Bare Minerals makeup and find it holds up better than any liquid I've used. I still get oily, but I blot my skin once or twice during the day and my makeup doesn't change color, slide off, or contribute to my skin problems. If your eye makeup is still creasing, you might also try a product designed specifically to prevent that. I occaisionally use L'Oreal De-Crease, which seems to work for me.

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Thanks. Where do you get the Bare Minerals makeup? I didn't know about the L'Oreal De-Crease. I don't want a heavily "made-up" look, just enough not to look like I need to have makeup on.

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I buy my Bare Minerals makeup online at Sephora, however, you can order it direct from the company. A number of companies besides Bare Minerals make powder makeups as well. There are a couple of good threads further down the page here about mineral makeups that you might want to check out.

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I have opposite problem - desert dry skin. BUT, I think first you have to get oil under control. Since you are in US (I am in Toronto) you might want to look at Erno Laszlo products for oily skin - first the cleansers etc. and then the Normalizer "Shake-It". When line was sold in Toronto (one story only so you got to see same people in line) I saw many an oily skinned person - male and female - from teens through middle age buying a lot of these products. The most important thing to do though is to visit a reliable counter and get appropriate "clocked" to determine best products for you - and start with the basics. If you can get your skin oil under control, then it will be easier to find a foundation. Another cleanser that is apparently very good for oily skin - whether you ar 16 or 60 is made by Orlane - it comes in a mint green tube - the President of the Cdn. distributor uses this and she is older than I am and I am 55. I bought a tube as a gift for a young acquaintance and it worked marvellously for her. I caution you against the accompanying toner though as it is harsh for people of a "certain age". I used Orlane for over 20 years before switching to the products (fast diminishing I might ad) for dry skin from Laszlo. Orlane started to reformulate my products with acids and the word "extreme" and my skin is very thin and I have rosacea so acids are not an option. My foundation is very oil based and I can put on 4 layers and it sinks in - so all in all I don't look nearly as dry. I understand your frustration and am sorry to say over the next few years things could get a bit worse due to further hormonal changes. I am very worried about this as I am allergic to most botanicals, algae products, Vitamin C, acids - heck just about everything. Hope you find something that works. The Laszlo products are not cheap, but not nearly as expensive as the Luxury brands and if you keep to the basics - I have simply because I can't use the "new fangled" stuff, you will save a lot of money. Best of luck.

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I have very oily skin, at 59! Tried the bare minerals types, my daughter like them but they don't cover old acne scars well, I need a lot of coverage. I've been using Cover Girl continuous coverage, Outlast liguid,Revlon colorstay, will try about any full coverage makeup. Haven't found anything that will actually keep the shine away all day though. Lynn

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53 years young and oil gusher skin. Boy, if I could bottle this stuff and sell it, I'd never have to work again! Have found several products that keep my skin looking fresh until mid-afternoon: Derma Doctor Porefection lotion and Derma Doctor Tease Zone mattifier (both $$). Found online at Dermadoctor.com. Use Tease Zone after my Mary Kay toner and then put a layer of Porefection on to smooth skin and minimize pores. Then I use Avon Matte Perfect Match foundation along with the loose powder and pressed powder from the same line. I also use oil tissue blotters before dusting on powder when freshening my make up during the day. I have also found the oily skin line by Mary Kay and the Erno Lazlo products ($$$) to be very good as well. My mother had oily skin until the day she died at age 73 (she looked about 59), so I don't look for mine to ease up any time soon, since mine is oilier than hers was! Another good product I've found is Smashbox Shine contol ($) and a similar product by Makeup Artists Choice ($$$), both placed on skin before foundation. These are all availble online. If I buy from a department store I go to the Lancome counter for their T-Zone control. I feel lucky to have found products that keep the oilies at bay until noon - I doubt I'll ever find anything that does it all day.

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