acne and bacne

rgreen1357February 19, 2007

I have acne and bacne and have tried many products including proactive to no avail. I am about to move on to antibiotics but was wondering if anybody has any product recommendations. I have somewhat oily skin. I play sports and I also drink lots of water and have a good diet.


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I'm sorry, I don't but I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

It took me ten years to realize aspartame gave me cystic acne. I drank several+ diet cokes every day and that did it. If I so much as have one serving of aspartame today I will get a hard bump in a couple days. Also, nutritional products also helped tremendously once I discovered them in my thirties.
I take Reliv classic and that has given me great skin. I'm 42 now but still get the hormonal break outs if I don't take the Reliv.
I had adult facial and back acne in my twenties and early thirties. Much worse than anything I had as a teenager. A lot of it was the aspartame. I was thin but not healthy.
I also tried everything except acutane. I had a friend who took it and it really worked. It has some bad side effects however.

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Antibiotics are a great thing to try. They get under the skin and kill the bacteria before it can cause a pimple.
However,for long term,you need to add in other products (because you can become resistant to antibiotics)

Ask your dermatologist about a topical retinoid to use in conjunction with the antibiotics(such as differin,tazorac,or retna-A) New studies show people that use both are less likely to have break outs even a year after treatment.
Retinoids are the most used for acne treatment,and it is because they work by not allowing the pore to become plugged.They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

I also agree with the poster who said to avoid caffeine. caffeine contributes greatly to acne.
If you have oily skin,you may also try using those oil-absorbing sheets in between washings. washing more then 2-3 times a day can aggrevate acne.
Good luck,with the right treatment,all acne can be controled.
If you find a dermatologist who does not take you or your acne seriously,then by all means find another one.
There are many many options to help with acne many people do not know about!

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My son struggled with this for years it seems to be undercontrol now, we tried proActive and it work for awhile. What worked for him was the antibiotics but it took time to see results, and just trying several OTC products till he found what works for him. He is 23 and it is mostly clear but he still takes pills and faithfully cleans his face twice a day.

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thank you all for your help! I think I am going to try the antibiotics. Lunchlady what is OTC?

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Over the counter

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My daughter has had the same struggle. Starting in 9th grade, constantly going to the dermatologist. Every antibiotic and prescription cream you can think of. They all worked, for awhile, then bad breakouts again. Acutane was the final option after nothing else continuously worked. It's usually a 6 month run. 4 months into it, I was stunned at how clear she was, BUT, big problem. Made her liver enzymes plummet. To the point where the nurse was panicked on the phone and said DO NOT let her take one more pill. While on acutane, you have to have blood work done every month. That was 2-3 years ago. Since then, more antibiotics, creams, etc. We finally quit going. Then, a new store opened in our area. Called Ulta. They have a facial cleansing kit by MD Formulation. It's the adult anti-acne kit. She's been using it for 2 months, along with changing make-up brand to Bare Escentuals. I am amazed at the difference. All those years, and drugs and creams, and tears. At least so far, this is working. They also have teen anti-acne kit, anti-aging kits, etc. I would give this a try before antibiotics. I hated that she was on constant antibiotics for a couple of years. Well, anyhow, I hope this helps some. is the web address if you want to check them out. I had never heard of them til they opened up last fall so I don't know if they're new, or just new to our area. Good luck.

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The best product we found for our 15 year old son was
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Overnight his whiteheads dried up almost to the point of being non existent. We have not tried the other Mario Badescu acne products, but I would highly recommend this one. We paid $18.00 retail for a 1 oz. bottle, but it appears it will last about 2 months.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mario Badescu Website

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