Art Deco? Tea Set

camjack27June 24, 2013

Hi I'm new to this forum, I just tried to post and got an error, so sorry if this post appears twice. I found this tea set at a yard sale and would live to find out more about it. Would appreciate any info. Thanks :)

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Are there any marks on the bottom?

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No no marks that I can find. I've checked each piece. Thank you for responding

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Interesting pieces ... love the square saucers. It could also be Scandinavian . from the 50s and 60s. Or Japanese.

May be "Sienna Ware"? They were purchased by "Leigh Potters" ...

And there was a hand-decorated line of pottery .. Claire somebody ... who did bright whimsical stuff like this.

If you can find similar shapes in teapot and saucers (square versus serrated corners) you might be able to narrow down the makers.

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Back in the mid-60s, there was a humongous pottery store on Hwy 1 between Orange County and San Diego. Maybe around San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano?

Your set instantly brought back a memory of a visit with my sister to the store and seeing a large stack of pottery pieces in the front northeast corner of the building. There were other type pieces available (plates, bowls, serving pieces, etc.). I have no idea why I remember them and I know it's of little to zero help but thought I toss it out in case anyone else remembers this store and what they sold. I "think" there were a lot of seconds sold there??? We were looking for Franciscan Ware (Desert Rose) for my sister. I was in my mid-teens.

Nice set.


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Thanks everyone for the ideas. I really appreciate them...a few more angles to research :)

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Triciae, yes I remember that store and all the Desert Rose dishes. I think I browsed in it once or twice. It closed a long time ago.

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I had an enamel coffee pot with similar colors and
and a version of those stylized tulips. Think modern version of tole painting. It was made in Sweden in the 1960's. gone now, alas, I can not look for a maker. your set is a lucky find for decorative value alone, even if you find no more information about it. I am jealous!

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