what do you do with your razor? Washcloth?

mabeldingeldine_gwJanuary 30, 2013

Where do you keep your razor, washcloth, loofa etc. in the shower? I've been looking for some tile-in hooks to no avail. I'll have a niche and a corner shelf, but would prefer to have the razor and washcloths hanging to keep them dry. My tile is slightly wavy (faux handmade) and I don't think a suction hook till work with it. Tiling commences in2 weeks so I am running out of time!

What do you do?

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I had a small space between a large window and the corner of the shower. I put in a very long skinny niche, I love it I broke it down into 4 shelves. The very top is a storage of fresh folded washcloths I can fit 5 or 6 they are high up so they never get splashed. The next shelf is Noxema, the next razors (2) the bottom is a folded white washcloth the same as in the top shelf with the bar of soap. I never have soap scum to clean up and the washcloth can be used ever few days with the sudsy build up for wash up. I have another lower long niche for shampoos and conditioner. I made it extra big so that nothing will ever have to sit on the floor. The shower is neat and organized and always looks presentable. I fabricated the niches around the existing wall studs. The whole shower is Kerdied and water tight. Bill and Mondo walked me through the whole process. Those guys are top notch.

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I bought stainless look Command Hooks. Wasn't sure they'd work (I think they might make wet location hooks) but they work beautifully. No holes in the tiles, they hold soaking wet washcloths with no problem and they look fine. I don't know how they will work on a tile with texture, but for a very small investment, you can find out.

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I have an extra long bench in the shower, hidden behind a pony wall which contains the niche. I was going to look at stuff like the following for toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors and other small items, and set it on the bench. I will also look at hooks for soap scrunchee and squeegee.


Click 2

Click 3

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I bought a soap/shampoo/conditioner dispenser that attaches with silicone, and it has hooks for that stuff.

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I have been wondering about this too. I would love to see more photos for hanging the washcloths to dry. In our old shower we had a bar, but it seems this aren't used in cutom built showers much anymore.

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