Pay for Recut??

cora_leaFebruary 27, 2003

I have many times had a haircut and had it not turn out just the way I wanted, but rather than take the trouble to drive back into town and take the time of the stylist, I have usually either tried to correct it myself, or just waited until I felt the need for another cut (usually earlier than "normal"), and then gone back.

Recently the gal I had been using had a baby and now has very few hours, so I've switched to a new stylist. I've been happy with the way she cuts my hair - until now. The cut I got yesterday was just "not right". Try as I may, I cannot get it to lay right, and the layers don't seem even which I think is the problem. Truthfully, it almost looks like it was cut with an eggbeater (a phrase my mother would use!) smiles.

My question to you is this. If you have already paid for a haircut (This haircut was nearly $30.00 and I tipped an additional $5.00 at the time.), do you give a tip for a "touchup"? I really don't feel I got what I paid for, but want to do what is customary and fair.

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If someone botched my hair I'd not go back to them out of utter fear.

I'd go elsewhere, or wear a hat. OR just chalk it up to a bad experience and never go hear a pair of scissors again.

- darkeyedgirl

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Well, I decided to go back and have the hairdresser look at the haircut. She'd cut on other occasions and done a very nice job.

Given the fact that I felt I had already paid for what was supposed to be a good cut, and the fact she has always said if there were ever any problems to call her, I did let her "touch-up" the haircut, but did not tip her. She did not seem to "ask" for a tip, and I am MUCH happier with my haircut now.

I guess I felt going to a completely new hairdresser had more risk involved than returning to someone I knew COULD do a good job with my hair, and I'm glad I made that choice.

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Cora, I definitely think you did the right thing since she had given you good haircuts before. I have never gone back to my hairdressers but they have always told me to come back if I had a problem with it and they would see what they could do to make me happy. I would not tip them the second time. Some people are chronic complainers though and I don't think they should keep going back and getting free haircuts.

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Hi Cora, I'm glad you went back too. I was a hairdresser and sometimes we can have a bad day, we're just like everyone else. I think I've only had two people come back in twenty years so that's not so bad :-). If it happens continually I'd say it's time for a change.

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I am curious..what is the average tip for other services..highlighting or perms or coloring? These take longer than a cut. I give 10.00 for these. I figure I am in there 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Just curious for other opinions. Thanks, Lori

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Hi LoriAnn, it was normal for me to get tipped 15-20% of the service. Some tipped more and some less, but that was average.

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