Control top panty hose question

joyce58February 1, 2008

Does anyone have a real preference for one "control top" panyhose brand over another?

I very rarely get "dressed up " and now have 2 weddings and 2 other formal family events to go to in the year coming up.

As if finding proper clothes for a woman "of a certain age" were not enough, I have to contend with the undergarments as well..!!!!..I also understand that with open-toe shows, sandlefoot pantyhose would be best, not bare legs.

Any comments?



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To be honest I have always found Leggs to be the most comfortable. I tried some No Nonsense last year and they were terrible uncomfortable. You might want to pick up a few different pairs when you see them on sale (Walgreen's seems to have a lot of pantyhose sales), try them on, and see what is most comfortable for you.

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jcrowley99 has the right idea. Try them out before you wear them to an event, walk around in them for an hour or so. I don't think it's easy to get a decent fit. They are either too long or they want to fall down, dragging the pants with them!!!

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I also think you should test drive a few brands before deciding; I've had some that felt like I was in a visegrip, they were flattering but so painful to wear, I removed them in the ladies' room midway through the dinner and threw them out in the trash bin ( because they would not have fitted in my evening purse).
I think those were spanx. I'm very short waisted so that might be why they make me feel uncomfortable.

I avoid control top now.

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OMG! One time at a dinner party for my husband's company I was wearing a pair of control tops that were so tight I could not even breath much less eat. Half way through dinner I went to the Ladies and used my house key to hack through the first several inches of the control top. I couldn't just get rid of them because my legs were the color of milk! I spent the rest of the evening worrying that my pantyhose were going to fall off, but I really enjoyed the meal!

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jc, very funny; glad I'm not the only one who did this.

I also ditched pantyhose in the trash when I was pregnant and we were at a wedding, there no air conditioning and I was roasting.

I also admit to ditching nylon knee highs at a function in a plant pot, no one saw me, it was a huge garden party, I did it very quickly. I was wearing pants so it didn't matter.

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I wear Leggs Size A. I'm short (5 one) and a little bottom heavy (128 lbs.) THEY FIT OKAY BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF STRENGTH TO PULL THEM UP TO MY WAIST. Sorry for the capital letters. My shift lock got on by mistake.

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Joyce, if the shoe allows and if it's comfortable enough for you, you might want to also seek out a pair of control toeless hose. That way your legs are covered and you get to keep your open toe presentation.


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