Sunflower_PaJuly 13, 2002

I am wonder if any of you have a favorite cookbooks for grilling?


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Yes - I picked up "The New Grilling Book". A Better Homes & Gardens Publication. It's basically a 3 ring binder with info/tips and tons of recipes with color photos. What I liked about it was that it contains INTERESTING recipes. Asian, etc. It's really quite good.

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I just picked up the bound paperback version of same. I like the Asian recipes, but haven't actually tried any yet.

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Picked up a couple of grill books the other day that I'm making my way through.

How to Grill - Steven Raichlen: Presents and in depth (but not boring) explanation of the basics of grilling, both charcoal and gas, indirect and direct.
Each recipe is accompanied by great pictures. The recipes run from basic to innovative (i.e. How to grill steaks, tenderloins, pulled pork to Tandori Lamb Chops, Ground Lamb Kabobs, Saffron Grilled Chicken, Salmon with Mustard Glaze). I really like this book.

The New Grilling Book - Better Homes and Gardens: Another one that talks about the basic of grilling, although not as in depth as 'How to Grill'.Nice pictures (although I wish there were more), good recipes such as Grilled Pineapple with Sugared Wontons, Peppered Rib Roast, and Goat Cheese Flatbread).

Also got the 365 Great Barbeque & Grilling Recipes by Lonnie Gandara in softcover.
For 5.99 US, I couldn't resist. Has some nice recipes (i.e Grilled halibut with Martini Butter, Grilled Pear Salad with Parmesan Cheese).

All in all these books cover it all. If I had to choose just one, it would be 'How to Grill'.


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You know what would be fun? We could post a "recipe of the week". We can pick 2-3 recipes, pick one, then all cook the recipe during a 7 day timeframe - then critique it share how we'd change things. What temps, etc. Goofy idea? I think it would be fun.

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Great idea. If it doesn't fly, try the Cooking Forum, folks there would enjoy doing something like this.

Maybe we can switch methods from week to week, such as indirect, direct, rotisserie, while also switching the type of meat (pork, veal, beef, chicken, etc).

We did something similar on the Cooking forum, a virtual dinner (which foks actually prepared)with multiple courses. It was an interesting process.


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I think Steven Raichlen's books are among the best I have come across.

'The Barbeque Bible' is Great!
'How to Grill' is better because of all the photos.

I have yet to find one of his recipes that wasn't first class.

I use to rotisserie 2 chickens each week until I tried his 'Beer Butt chicken' ( I used a coca cola can- not a fan of beer).

Here is a link that might be useful: Steve Raichlen

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Grill It: Don't worry about any beer taste in the beer-can chicken, there is none. I have made it a few times and LOVE it. Of course, you can add wine too if you want.

Not sure what directions you were following, but when you empty half the beer, you can add your favorite dry seasoning to it AND rub it in and on the chicken.

Soooo good.


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OK guys - anyone have the recipe they can share? :)

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I don't follow a recipe per se, but here's the method.

Empty HALF the contents of a 12 oz beer. With a church-key type opener, poke a few more holes inthe top of the beer can (this prevents it from exploding).

To the beer that remains in the can, add some of your favorite dry rub (I used a prepared poultry rub from my local grocer). You can also add a bit of wine or sherry, but make sure you only have 6 oz. of liquid in the can.

Rub your chicken inside and out with more dry rub. I;ve made this with chickens weighing about 3.5 lbs.

Place the beer can on an aluminum pan and sit the chicken on the beer can, and er, insert it until his feet just meet the pan. Adjust the legs so that they are the front two prongs of the tripod. The can is the third leg of the tripod. Adjust so it is well balanced.

Heat your grill, place the chicken on the grill, add some water or wine to the pan, and cook medium-hight for one hour.

Now, some folks say you need to turn the chicken a few times during cooking, but I have never done that. Also%2

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cookingrvc I was saying....

...also, some folks don't use the aluminum pan and cook it using indirect heat. I prefer it this way.


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Wow, Thanks everyone this has been a great help.
My brother cooks on the grill daily and I wanted to get him something he would really enjoy.
I will check this books out.
Thanks again

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Here is a link to Beer Can Chicken,

click on "Read some barbecue boot camp recipes"

Here is a link that might be useful: Barbecue Boot Camp

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