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jennyjkerrJune 19, 2010


I bought this watercolor yesterday. I found it buried under a pile of rust wall sconces in a barn/antique store. I thought it was really pretty so I bought it. I'm not sure how old it is, I would say maybe 40 years old? I'm not terribly good at dating paper and such, textiles are more my thing. The back has a half finished watercolor of what looks like it might be a polish party in a horse drawn cart. lol. There is also one edge that was glues to some black paper at one time because there is about a 1/2 inch black mark down the back and the paper itself seems finished on all but one side where it might have been cut out of a sketch book type thing. The painting is 13 & 1/8th inches by 10 inches. I did some research into the subject matter on the front and it seems to be a cavalryman of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (possibly the Lancers of the Vistula Legion) during the Napoleonic war. I've tried everything I could think of to identify who the artist might have been with the information that I had, but I can't find anything that might match the signature at all.

I'm having a really hard time decoding everything past the 4th letter. I can get "S.Paj" but I draw a blank from there. It looks like there might be a W and another s in there, but I'm not very good at this. If anyone might have any ideas where I could look to figure it out or if you can figure out what it says I'd very much appreciate your help. I'd like to at least know the name of the artist should someone ask me. Thanks for your time, I'm giving the address to photos of the painting, the signature and the painting on the back.

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Fori is not pleased

Ohhh nice find, from a "gee I'd hang THAT on my wall" point of view (I'm not qualified to give any other point of view). That name just looks Polish, doesn't it? Pajaczkowski? Probably not even close.

I like it. Let us know if you ever figure it out!

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It is S. Pajackowski. He was born in 1900 but can't fin any info on when he died. Actually can't find much info on him at all, but at least I have a name now! I don't think it was too bad of a find for $20. I just thought it was lovely and would be beautiful once it was framed up. I'm not much into reprints and am a sucker for hand done art. I found two other paintings of his that have sold, one that was a 6X6 for approx $390 in US dollars and one (that didn't look as well done) the same size as mine sold for approx $85. So I'm at least comfortable that I didn't get completely ripped off or anything! lol. I'm happy with it and thanks for the help I appreciate it!

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