Hauling the Virco Classic

Joe_DeFuriaJuly 8, 2002

I'm planning on picking up the "famed" Virco Classic this week...assuming the CostCo that's 150 miles away from me gets them in as they expect. ;)

I own a Pontiac Montana that has exactly 48 inches width inside between the "wheel wells" with the seats removed. I've seen some posts about the Grill "squeezing" inside a Ford Explorer, but I don't know how that compares to my mini-van. I'd hate to go all that way and find out I can't get it home. Anyone know if I'll have any problems? (Anyonw with an explorer care to measure the interior width of your vehicle?)

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The box is about 46" wide X 48" tall X 26" deep, so maybe you could turn it longways if need be. Good luck, maybe you can call the manager at the store and they will hold one for you, they did it for me.

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It will fit perfectly. My van is 48" wide and it fit like a glove with about 1/2" on each side. The store guys just leaned it into the hatch area and slid it in on its side. When we got home, DH basically crawled inside and pushed it out with his feet. Bring along some padding/blankets in case the measurements are off so you can uncrate it.

Yes - talk to the store manager and tell him you are driving 150 miles and please hold one for you. And make sure they don't screw up. It would be awful to go all that way to come home empty handed.

Good luck - you're going to love it. Please post more when you start cooking. We're always interested in cooking times/methods for various things on this grill.

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It would not fit in my 02 Explorer which has a 48" clearance on the bottom but then tapers off substantially towards the top. Even on its back it is still 26" tall so make sure that you have a 48" clearance on the bottom and also at 26" up on the opening of your tailgate.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I don't think the mini-van will have tapering problem. (It should be a bit wider at 26" up.) but I'll be sure and measure it. And I'll also bring some blankets in case I have to uncrate it on site.

I'll keep you posted on my success with obtaining and using the Grill. I won't be using it until late this month though...It's for our new house that we close on July 26. See link below...heh...there's even a glimpse of the current owner's POS grill. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: New house for the new Grill!

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Nice home Joe! The Virco will fit nicely on that deck. BTW, your backyard layout is similar to mine, except my pond is not that big (is on my property! ;-) and I envy your big trees! These forums should have a lot to offer (riding lawn mowers, landscaping, and of course grilling)

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Lol delray...I actually already used the lawn mower forum to help me decide which lawn tractor to buy. ;) It's set to be delivered the day after we move in.

I'll certainly be around here looking for recipes and how to get the most out of the grill!

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I nabbed one today in Hazlet, NJ! Thanks for making the "hold" suggestion. The rep (Tanya) was kind enough to hold the last one for me until I got there.

FYI, it fit just fine laying on its back in the Montana.

Now my only problem is...It's sitting in my Brother's garage! There's no room where I'm staying, and I don't want to really "uncrate" it before I move to the new house in a couple weeks.

Question: should there be any parts in the bottom of the box or the bottom cabinet? I did see the rotisserie rod down there, but that's it. Is everything else inside the main hood? If not, I might go back to my brother's this weekend and check to make sure all the parts are there...

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If I remember correctly, the cover, rotis motor, and a box of other goodies, (handle, shelf, etc..) was in the lower cabinet and the rod and manuals were elsewhere. Congrats.

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Hmmm...looks like I'll be going back to my brother's house later today to make sure all the parts are there. I'll be very disappointed if they "re-crated" a floor model without all the parts.

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I found the rotisserie rod for my Virco on the bottom of the carton, underneath the unit.

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Good news and bad news.

The good news is, all the parts are there. The manual, rotisserire motor, shelf, cover, push bar and related hardware were all in a single box in the main hood compartment. Man, this grill is sweet. ;)

The bad news is, one of the control knobs is broken. I made sure it was transproted on its back (and not with the control knobs on the floor), so it must have been like that at the store.

So, I'll get to see how effective Virco's replacement program is. I called the warranty number, and it asked me to leave a message. I would expect to hear back today.

I suppose I could find another virco grill and swap out the bad part, but I don't feel like doing that to the guy who buys that grill. For all I know, that's what happened to me. ;)

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Joe De, I had the same problem. One knob was missing (for the rotisserie) and two were broken. I called and they sent them out the same day.

One of the stems on which a knob sits may be slightly bent as it does not sit the same as the knob next to it. Once we put it together and test it out, we'll see if the bent thingy causes a problem.

At some point the front must have been face down causing the damage.


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Don't worry too much Joe. If you read enough of the Virco posts, you'll see where Virco has promptly taken good care of their problems like this, at least from what I've read. I had a small problem with the warming rack (one rod broken at the weld) and they fixed me up without a hassle.

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I didn't get a call-back from the warranty number, but I called the 800 number, and they immediately took care of me. I just faxed a copy of my receipt and the part number I needed, and they said they would ship it immediately.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do a real close and thorough inspection of the grill for a couple weeks (when we move.) But that one knob seems to be the only damaged / missing part.

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Loved the pics of the house, Joe. (especially that one bathroom... )


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