tips for preventig flareups?

andrelaplume2July 26, 2010

I figured out why my steak was getting burnt on the outside before the inside was cooked. Massive flareups with the lid closed. In fact I was able to turn off the gas and let the flareups that were buring up finish cooking the meal. What causes flareups and how can I avoid them?

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After much use of the gas grill fat drippings will build up on the burners and flavorizers and flare-ups will occur easily. To clean the grill I cover the grates with a sheet of aluminum foil, light the grill with the burners set to high and close the lid. After about 30 minutes the fat drippings should be incinerated and turned to a white ash. A quick brushing will clean that off and future cooking flare-ups should be greatly reduced.

With a clean grill any new flare ups can be knocked down with a plastic spray bottle filled with water.

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