bronze sculpture--how can you tell if it's a recast?

Fori is not pleasedJune 23, 2011

Is there any way to date a sculpture that was most likely a recast?

I have a little bronze goat by a 19th century artist who seems to be copied/recast/knocked off a lot (although not the goats!), but I don't know how to go about finding when this particular casting was done.

Anyone feel like analyzing marks on a goat? Or know what to look for? Thanks!

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The thing about bronzes....they can be recast and recast. Not sure of how it affects value.
Ever been to the Rodin museum in Philadelphia? Pretty much all there has been recast.....
Now knock offs are different.
Linda C

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Fori is not pleased

Ah. I see. Bronzes are a pain!

So it's definitely recast. And if I want to know when I'd need to identify the foundry marks and even then probably be clueless, correct?

Unless of course it's a knockoff altogether, which seems unlikely due to the mundane subject matter.

I'm not finding a great deal of information about foundry marks online. Can you recommend a source? It should be French but well, it may not be. :)

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Knowing the time frame would help....and use the words "bronze atelier" in your search.

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Fori is not pleased

Apparently the ability to read French would help, too! Darned public school education. :) Thanks for the google tip!

It's a Barye wannabe so apparently could be anything from the mid 1800s to last week. It's not a glamorous snake eating a tiger on top of a raging stallion, just a reclining goat, so it's hard to imagine there would be a lot of demand for it but there's no accounting for taste.

Actually, I know it's at least 30 years old, so not made last week.

The few founder marks I've been able to find descriptions of are clearly printed full names. All I've got are some scribbles, instead of the mark of someone proud of their work. Might not even be bronze but I don't want to do the scratch test.

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