Weber Summit S-450 - QUICK!

coleen3201118July 15, 2007

Ok - We're mmoving back into our house that is being remodeled (and doesn't have a working kitchen). All we have is charcoal grill that is a huge project to use. I'm wanting to get a propane grill (for my birthday) so we can eat something that is not from the microwave. I want to get something that I won't want to throw away next year, but can't spend an arm and a leg. I've narrowed it down to th Summit S-450 (which is still kinda pricey at $1400). I'm wondering if anyone has one and can confirm my choice. I also looked at the 420 which is a little less - no infrared - is it worth the extra cash for the infrared? Any input would be appreciated - I finally located one and don't want to lose it! thanks.

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