Hand-held hair crimper/straightener

yellowhairFebruary 10, 2004


Just bought one of these, haven't tried it yet. I have longish hair, would like to do it a little differently at times. Anybody tried this gadget? Any tips?

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YH, my daughter just bought one of these and says everyone is using them these days; I just can't figure out what it does. She has a kind of spiked hairdo on top, with shaved sides, she straightens up the top part before gelling it with paste, it stays "up" better...
She has curly hair so I'm assuming you do too......

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My daughter has one and used it to crimp her long layered hair. Looked great!!!

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Thanks for the posts! I still haven't tried it yet, but plan on washing my hair today and possibly heating this baby up. It takes a half hour for it to heat up and has 3 different attachments that just slide off and on. We shall see. I love the crimped look, also the straightened look.

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I bought one a few months ago. My hair is shoulder length, thick and wavy. I use this after blow drying to straighten it more. Especially the hair in front of my ears. Otherwise I have large waves that I can't seem to get out with blow drying alone. I love having a straight, shiny look.

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Just wanted to add that I did try the wave/crimper gadget and I really like it. Next, I'll try the straightener.

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