Gas Grill making a noise. Regulator ?

sooeyJuly 8, 2006

HI Gang,

We just got a new gas grill. A Kenmore, nothing fancy, just a good, usable grill. We get a noise from the tank/regulator after we turn it on. It might take a minute before it starts, it might take a few minutes. If we turn it off and start over it goes away...most of the time. Any idea what it could be and/or how to get rid of it? It's a whistle or a hummmm...

Thanks, Gang.


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No is a pretty normal thing.

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Thank you, cookwaresnob1,

It does not seem to bother the cooking at all, just anoying.



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If it's a loud whistle, then it might not be getting enough propane for some reason. Our pool heater was whistling, and they found out that it wasn't getting enough propane. It still worked, but it just wouldn't have been as efficient.

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Some regulators will be noisy at times. Mine will scream if I turn the gas on full suddenly. If I turn the gas way down it stops and is quiet as long as I turn the gas to full slowly.

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The new tanks require you to turn them on VERY slowly or the internal valve will sometimes partially shut causing a lack of gas. Try turning it on slower and see what happens.
If that doesn't work, take the regulator back to Sears for a new one. I have an old Makers Mark from Sam's that did the same thing but learning to open the valve slower, turning on the burner furthest from the tank first then lighting solved the problem. I did get a free replacement regulator anyway.

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