Help Identifiying Please

mikepolkJune 17, 2012

I am stumped by this. Much Googling and asking around, and many answers. Can anyone out there help identify this table? It has casters and a single drawer. I cannot find a mark on it.


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It's Oak....probably from about 1910 to 1930....sort of Mission style......and a very nice table!!

Some people seem to think that all furniture has a "mark" that tells who made it....not so. Perhaps with silver and china....but not often with furniture.
Enjoy for what it is.....a nice table.
Linda C

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This could have been made in a shop class. By the time of senior shop class, often students are required to design something and build it. The result can be from mediocre to high quality. Below are some typical features of a shop project. These are not hard rules and will vary.

1. Constructed of solid wood - no veneers. Exception is if making a veneer was part of the exercise. Plywood with at least one finished side may appear.

2. Design is an original by the student or a copy of an instructional plan. Trying to identify the style fails unless the student copied a past style.

3. Usually, there is no identification marks. Exception: the student may have applied his name or initials and the initials of his school.

4. Design elements are simple and easily cut with a table saw or band saw. No carvings or decorations.

Apparently, it is made of oak. The table top is gorgeous. It appears to be quite heavy and stiff. It will not comply to an uneven floor and would require shims to keep the table from rocking.

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Isn't it what is called a library table?

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It does have the appearance of a library table.

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