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FunkeleeJuly 8, 2002

Now, don't hate me but my local Sam's Club had a 4th of July raffel for the floor model grill ($599). I won it. However it had no manual or boxes to come with it. Saved me the hours of putting it together, but now I don't feel like I know my grill.

Problem is, it also does not work. LP flow or something. I can get a trickle to one burner, lite 2 and it almost goes out, even turn on a 3rd and all three flame out. Tried turning tank on reeeaaaal slow, traded out the regulator at Sam's with a model that had been dropped so the weren't selling that one, and tested the side burner for fuel flow, also real low. None of these fixed the problem.

Sam's is sending me paper work on the grill. Question is, should I continue to trouble shoot, or should I just trade it for a new one in the box, spend the time to put it together, get to know my grill and hope for the best with a second one?



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That is one possibility, or maybe you could contact "Grand Hall" and see what they suggest. Do you think that Sam's would trade it for another one in a box? If so, that would be nice. Good luck to you. Here is a link to Grand Hall's web site for you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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yes, Sam's will replace with a new one. Grand Hall, could only refer me to the trouble shooting section of the owners manual, which I do not have.
Think I will put in the time and just get the new one.

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Go back and get one in the box. After about 2 hours you will know your grill. Instructions are very easy to follow.Remember some tips from the MM forum like take the lid off before you try to drop the grill in to the frame, it is a lot easier to manage. You are very lucky to have won one of the best grills around.

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Removing the top lid is mentioned in General Question #2
of the Member's Mark FAQ available at:
Beyond that, there really isn't any hints/shortcuts/etc.
on the assembly - as BBQnSteve says, the instructions are
easy to follow and it was a pleasure assembling this.


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got the new one last night. put it together this morning. (71 min 38 sec from first cracking box open to cleaning up the trash) starting to put the oil on to season the iron. tahnks for the tips. burners flame to full power and i know the insides of my grill.
the last one, i couldn't get the propane tank to hang on the guage, the top hooks were pointing down instead of up. found a few other discrepencies from the old one to this new one.

suggest anyone that buys a pre assembled grill, any grill, go over it step by step in the instruction manual to make sure it is put together 100% correct. mine were all minor flaws, but someone might get one with a hose but on wrong or whatever. found out sam's pays the stock boys 25 dollars to put some together. faster they do it the more it is worth to them. guy i talked to says he has got it down to 35-40 minutes per grill. that is awfully fast to put your trust in that he didn't miss anything.

Thanks for the help.

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The propane tanks are now equipped with an opd valve that will trigger if the gas is released too quickly are the tank is opened all the way.Simply opening the tank slowly is only part of the answer.To reset a triggered valve on a tank-disconnect hose from tank and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes.Then attach tank back to grill-barely crack open handle on tank then continue to open very slowly until 1/2 opened.Light burner furthest from tank first to allow gas to fill across entire grill-tank should be turned off after each use.With 3 burners on high and lid closed grill should reach 400 degrees in just ten minutes.If this fails-directly connect the regulator to the grill side bypassing the side burner.If grill works fine hooked up that way then order a"gas connection tube" from GH customer service.This is covered under warranty(free)
(You will get through easier calling later in the day)
good luck to you-

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I need to replace the battery for the ignitor and don't know where it is. Can you tell me where to find the battery? Thanks!

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It is in the push button. Screw the button coounter clockwise, remove the push button, and replace the battery

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