Can anyone help me ID these?

gmnolenJune 20, 2011

These plates belonged to my grandmother's family. They are signed M.L. Kline and dated 1886 on the back. I am just curious about their history. I am beginning to find out a lot about my my ancestry and I hope these plates will have an interesting story to tell.

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Don't know naything about plates, but those are lovely and well decorated. I see no cracks in the glaze.

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China painting was a nice hobby for ladies in that era. Could the Kline be the painter? I don't know what sort of story they'd tell--looks like typical sentimental illustration of idealized children.

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They could be painted by a hobby decorator. I'd like to see the back stamp....and a closer picture of the actual painting. You say "signed" so? Hand written? Stamped?
The blank....the shape of the plate is not the usual used by china painters of that era.
They are obviously the same plate with very different sorts of scenes....most likely painted by an artist rather than a commercially available plate.
Linda C

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I will try to get a clear picture of the signature for you. Thank you so much for your help!

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Kovel's Dictionary of marks has a Phillip Kline in Carversville, Pennsylvania Circa 1808, he signed with his signature, maybe a relative of ML Kline. That's all I can find.

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