Anyone else sick of jeans?

Gina_WFebruary 23, 2004

I work in a casual office (my own), and do business over the phone. So I've been wearing jeans every day since forever. I feel bored with them but they're so convenient. I think I need a change away from them. Anyone else tired of jeans or your current every-day duds?

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Hmmm...well, I switched to wearing "business casual" on the dressier end (normally dress slacks or a skirt and a nice shirt or blouse) about a year and a half ago(we don't have a dress code per se, but I got tired of the "web geek" jeans and shirt image I was stuck in), and I'm rarely bored with my clothes now (though I am ready for warm-weather clothing).

I don't see many people...I work on the web, and my communication is mostly by phone or email. But to be honest, though I fought the whole "dress up for work" thing for many years, I feel *so* much more like a professional and ready to work now than I ever did wearing more casual clothing every day. People are suprised when they do actually meet me that I look like a "professional" - they're used to webmasters looking...well..sloppy. But I do think they treat me better now - with more respect. :-)

And I still wear jeans on Fridays, but I dress them up with low pumps, and a nice shirt or sweater and jewelry. Maybe that would work for you - just dress your jeans up a bit with different shoes, jewelry, nicer shirts? Or get some comfortable cotton khakis...the only reason I wear polyester dress pants instead of cotton is the ironing, but most people prefer khakis, and they are very comfortable yet casual...

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I looked forward to taking the job I have now, because I was itching to dress up more than I had been. We don't actually have a dress code, but I usually wear nice slacks, blouses or sweaters and sometimes even dresses! On Friday I always wear jeans.

I would love to have a home office, Gina! I would probably wear jeans too. I think Jamie has a great idea for you to dress-up your jeans.

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: ) haven't worn them anywhere but rock concerts and flea markets in years, myself- the few pairs I DO have are liberally encrusted with paint, rhinestones, bits, baubles, and whatnot... the only pristine pair I own are Girbauds, they're at least a decade old, royal purple, and a hip-hugger cut that I need to shed 10 pounds before I'll put them on again.

wear my husband's cords on occasion, but most of the time I'm in long skirts. they're as dressy or casual as the shoes I'm wearing.

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Oh my goodness ... I fear that if I had my own home office, I'd remain in my jammies (which ain't a pretty sight, lemme tell you) all day long!

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My office isn't in my home, thank goodness, or I WOULD probably end up in my sweats, leggings or jammies!

We're stuck in such a fashion rut I think. Jeans have become an American uniform. I remember when that wasn't the case. What happened to FASHION?

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come on, gina... fashion's no longer geared towards elegant ladies like it was right up through the 60's...

fashions all about 12 year olds, now. as in you gotta be built like one to wear most of the stuff...

HOWEVER, to quote Women's Wear Daily "Donatella CLOTHES her models.." looks like even the fashion industry has realized that they've taken 'sexy' too darned far...

most of us don't even WANT to wear a knock off of a versace any more... black bandaids and sequins just don't do much for me, eh?

all the really good stuff I own hearken to another era... if not another century. my mom's seater sets. my grandmother's flapper gowns (which covered a lot more skin than you'd think...) fancy-fabric leggings that go with blousy pirate shirts (think 'cutthroat island') and soft boots...

jeans have been an american uniform since forever... the 50's turned them into icons (remember, women wearing pants in public used to cause scandal!)

now... they're just common.

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I'm not sick of jeans, but sure have tired of the tennis shoes that go with them. I've just about quit wearing them in public, just put on some leather flats. It seems that this is the 3-some for some folks---sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. And sweatshirts make me look twice as large! I don't wear them in public anymore either until I lose a few more lbs.

The fashion for this fall is supposed to be about fur, vintage looks, and longer skirts. That is, if I remember correctly. lol Saw something on one of our cable shows---on the Style network.

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I'm a lawyer, so I have to dress up for work. I find things I like to fit my not-size-0 body from Jones New York, Lis Claiborne's ready-to-wear line, and other mid-price separates. I also like that I can make a suit from two pieces of different sizes.

I have a home office, and I virtually never work in sweats or pajamas. I think you even sound different if you're dressed better.

As for sweatshirts, don't wear them in public, but they're good to keep warm at home on winter nights. Tennis shoes are for the gym. In winter, I wear boots almost every day.

And every woman needs a well-fitting pair of black pants, flat front, straight leg. Can go anywhere.

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from the flip side of the coin...............I have to wear suits,with the occasional dress, 6 days a week!!! I do own A pair of jeans, and look at them longingly some days!!!

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Jaybird - that was me 10 years ago. I guess we are never satisfied! (I haven't worn a pair of stockings in years - yay!!)

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I haven't worn jeans in years. For yardwork, I wear army pants, and for rock climbing, I have some soft cotton gabardine pants that are almost like jeans, but they are a sort of mustard color. I never wore jeans as a child either, as it was considered too informal - it didn't matter that I grew up on a farm, I was going to be formal, and I did not like getting dirty either, for some reason.


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Yes I am and I am working towards changing that. I just don't feel like I look nice anymore. On top of that, the jeans that fit my butt and legs have 17" waists...what's up with that? I am not a heavy person, but my waist has never, ever been less than say, 27".

I have started buying slacks that are cotton with a bit of spandex. They are casual yet nice, and comfortable because they have some give. I like Chaus, Ideology, and Dockers just came out with some great looking cotton/spandex pants.

Just last weekend I was going shopping and put on some black slacks with a nice silk shirt. I walked out of the bedroom and Bob said "WOW, you look great! WOW!" That sealed it for me. After 12 years of marriage I definitely want my husband to still say WOW.

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Another issue is that I take my dog to work and we go to the a different park every day for a lunch walk. I pack the dog-walking sneakers in the car. That kind of precludes skirts.

I did buy some black, charcoal and tan pants that can be casual or dressy. I also bought more jeans but with a newer cut to them. It's warm here so I got ankle as opposed to full-length pants too. That gives you a different look.

Weed, that's great. DH almost never notices anything I wear, so when he does say something I know he really likes it.

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Jeans seem to be as strong as ever ; I have a few favorite pairs that I can pair with stylish tops, dress pants would not give me the same look.

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Jeans and also Tee shirts and shorts. Now lot of
those looks do not flatter me anymore. I want hide more now.
LIke wear 3/4 sleeves and capris.

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