Turbo Grills

zarwizJuly 1, 2002

Is anyone familiar with the Turbo brand grills that BBQ's Galore sells. I've looked at them and they seem very nice.

Thanks for any help

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I just went to BBQ Galore in Atlanta, and I have to say that I was very impressed. They seem to be very well constructed grills. There is also a very wide selection, ranging from fairly inexpensive to quite expensive. Some observations from my trip:

1. The staff was great. They were extremely helpful without being pushy

2. The grills with Stainless Steel burners are actually Cast SS. They were quite substantial!

3. The grill tubs on the grills I was looking at are made of porcelain, not SS (although they are available). Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, but those particular grills are not 100% SS.

4. Side burners are optional on most grills.

5. No rear burner on most models (unless you get to $2,000).

I have been comparing grills for a while now. I have seen the Virco, the MM at Sams, and several others. I was excited about the Virco, but cannot find one in ATL. Also, was concerned about replacement parts, etc. But, it seems to be a quality grill. I was very disappointed in the MM at Sams (the $599 version). It seemed cheap to me.

The Turbo was right up there with the Virco, even though it was more expensive. The added bonus of being able to get parts for the grill is a real plus.

Anyone else have any experience with Turbos???

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Thanks for responding. I just went to Costco and I was amazed by the Virco. It seems to be a lot of grill for about half the price of a comparable Turbo. The warranty is not great, but for the price it might be worth the refurb after 5 years or so.

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