Converting CharBroil Propane Gas Grill to Natural Gas

GinaJuly 23, 2001

I have a CharBroil gas grill that has a tank hooked up to it. I've just moved into a new home with a natural gas hookup on the patio. I've been told I need a Nitro Gas Orfice (2 since I have a side burner) and a quick connect hose and adapter. I cannot find this at either Home Depot or Loew's. Does anyone know where I can find this conversion kit??

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You might try Sears. I bought my grill from Sears already setup for natural gas (I think it is really a CharBroil) but had to buy the gas hookup (connectors, hose) extra.

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We bought our grill from an appliance dealer & they did the conversion for us. Any appliance dealer that carries grills should have what you need.

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You can maybe find out the right size drill bit for the orfice and just drill it out. Natural has orfice has to be bigger.

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I tried to buy a new natural gas oriface a few years ago, and they wanted and arm & a leg for it.

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I replaced my old natural gas grill with a new Kenmore natural gas grill recently. But the frame is too low on the new one and I wonder if any know if I need to get new hose and gas regulater. Where would get those parts?


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I don't know about the CharBroil, but I converted my Members Mark to NG a year ago by drilling the orifaces for the main burners to 5/64's and the back burner to 1/16th -- this may at least get you started in the correct direction.
When you convert to NG you do not need a regulator. One less thing to go out. ;->

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Thanks autodoc, it turned out that they did not put a converter on the grill and just use tape to make the hose to bigger to fit in. I took the converter from my old grill and put it up to work. Thanks again.

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