Is this mark familiar to anyone?

justlindaJune 19, 2012

Picked up a baby spoon with this mark on the back. No other marks present. Looks totally unfamiliar, and I'm not quite sure what exactly what it says.

Any help appreciated.

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How about a picture of the whole thing....might give a clue as to material and style and possible age, so one might know where to look.

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This is the whole spoon. Will have to post separate pictures as I'm not sure how to post several in one post.

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This is the back of the spoon handle, with the marking. No other markings anywhere on the spoon.

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lindac it silver...plated or not? Does it show tarnish? I have seen a few old spoons that are aluminum....yeah really!!
Sorry....but I get no clues at all as to style, country, period....nothing! It's a mystery!!

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Those are letters of the Cyrillic alphabet. The spoon is Russian. Where did you find it? It's lovely.
The first part of the mark looks like script. The first letter, the one that looks like a 3, I think is ze, with a z sound. The rest of the script part I have no idea about; it's blurry, and anyway I don't know Russian.
The upper-case letters that follow are Em, En, Tse, Tse, with the sounds m,n,ts,ts. There can't be a word like that, so they must be initials. Try using Cyrillic keyboard equivalents and do a Google search that way.

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According to the MHUU-150 mark, a similar set on Ebay says it's vintage Russian silverplate and that is the mark found on a gellato spoon. Link below. Accuracy of course depends on how accurate the seller was. BTW appears to be the same pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: similar mark

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Thanks a million....but what a tiny spoon. Gellato, huh? To me it will make a nice baby spoon with it's nice round bowl and overall length of 4-1/2".

Thanks for once again shining through. Rah! Rah! Rah!

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Good sleuthing
! No wonder it was a mystery to me! LOL!

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The stylized cartouche signature looks like Billy to my eyes.

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I have the same desert spoon. It is antique Russian.

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A run of the mill silverware design very common in the Soviet Union. Think the 70's-80's, perhaps the 90's. Every department store sold this silverware design in its china/dishware/gifts sections. My family in Moscow had a few of these, just like everyone else.

ÃÂÃÂææ1-50 means "copper-nickel-zinc alloy", a budget imitation of silver. No silver plating.

ÃÂiè in the oval is a factory brand : Volnyansk Factory named after Shevchenko. Located in Volnyansk, Ukraine.

Edit: Judging by the size given by OP, it's a coffee spoon. Coffee spoons are smaller than tea spoons. They're used with small coffee cups for black coffee (espresso type).

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