Brown Spots AKA Age Spots???

lunchlady1948February 25, 2007

Do you have them and can you get rid of them or make them less brown:( I almost cried when I saw mine:( My dr was less sympathtic~~he says it is just a sign of age:(

I went on line and read that you can buy bleaching creams but do the work and are they harmful I have very sensitive skin. I am also fair skinned I do wear sunscreen always.

What about derm abrasion has anyone done that???

What's a gal to do?????

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I use a combination of Retin-A and over the counter fade cream. Ambi seems pretty good and has a sunscreen built in. They will take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to fade noticeably. There is also a prescription strength fade cream available: Eldopaque Forte.

I have never had any irritation from the fade creams. Retin-A will cause some peeling and might be irritating to sensitive skin. Renova is the same thing but with added moisturizers, etc. Better for sensitive skin I think.

You can also have the age spots lasered. I have never tried this, though.

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I have found that the only difference between 1 over-the-counter fade product and another is how well is stays where you put it. They all have the same 1 or 1.5% active ingredient - hydroquinone (sp). For me, they work only a little. I'd like to try a prescription version or Retin-A. What's in my cabinet right now is Murad. It's a clear gel. My spots get a bit darker in the summer if I'm not religious about sunscreen, and the Murad lightens them up a little over the winter, but only a little.

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Thanks ladies, I have an HMO and do not think the dr will give me a scrib for anything~~~since he was very 'Oh Well' about it:( Next time I see him I am going to ask I am willing to pay full price for something that would work.

In the mean time I will go to the store and check some things out. I am fair skinned and it is not a big spot it just shows up more on my skin:(

I am also thinking of going to a skin person you know the ones that do facials and things docs don't do and see what they say.

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You can buy Retin-A online from a pharmacy site. You will pay full price. Do a little search.

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Sounds like what you have is something called "Solar Lentigoes", which are harmless discolorations caused by years of sun exposure. Your dermatologist can either remove them by either freezing or using a laser. I had one by my eyebrow that was about the size of a dime. My doctor removed it using a laser around two years ago. It has never returned.

However, as this procedure is considered "cosmetic", insurance wonÂt cover it. I believe it cost me between $150/250 to have "the big one" removed in addition to 4 or 5 smaller ones. Obviously, it was well worth it to me.
(this photo is not me, but my "brown spots" looked just like that).

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