Adjusting Virco flame

joe_dejesusJuly 5, 2002

Anyone now the proper way to adjust the flame on the Virco? On high the tips are orange... The Manual states to call support phone number, I was wondering if anyone has done this prior to calling....Thanks...

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Called support and they said to open the airbleeder behind the main 3 valves.... I opened them up fully and it helped alot, but I still can see the orange tips... I guess i have to live with it right?

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I had the same problem after opening the air bleeder fully. I called them and they will send me a set of burners with smaller orifices (I think), I saw a comment on another thread that it reduces the BTU, but that person got all blue with that fix

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My Virco cooks great! However I have still had yellow flames even after adjusting the burners. They are blue in the beginning but get yellow when the grill heats up. After reading your email I called Virco and they sent me smaller orifices (Not the whole burner assembly.). Does anyone know where they get installed?

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From earlier posts:
I swapped the original 130(20,000 BTU) orifices on the main burners for the smaller 115(15,000 BTU) orifices supplied by Virco due to very yellow flame with wide open venturis here in Denver. The flame is very nice(all blue) on both high and low settings. I checked the temp with a probe type thermometer (the hood unit is questionable)
through the rotis. opening and was hitting 550 after 15mins. with 2 burners on. I did notice that the flame did get a little more yellow the longer the grill was on-not near as bad as before.

Orifice replacement- 1st-remove the burners. At the rear-bottom of the burner there is a nut and washer which needs to be removed from the stud welded to the bottom of the burner. At this point the burner is loose. Lift/twist the burner up and back (away from the front or the grill) to remove the burner. 2 of mine came right out, one had to be manipulated to get it out. If you look where the burner inlet was set around the valve, you will see the brass orifice facing directly to the rear of the grill. I used a small(don't remember the size-deep socket) to remove. This all took about 20 minutes. Good luck.

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Keep in mind people that the blue flame everyone is trying to achieve will only occur when one is not cooking and in perfectly calm conditions. Add any wind and there goes your fuel to air mixture. Then add your meat and all the juice and debris falling on and around the elemnets will also disrupt the flame and produce orange colors.

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when I started this thread i was experiencing the yellow flame even after opening vents. What i did not notice was that my tank was 80% consumed. I switched to a full tank and Blue flame on high was achieved. Dont know why, maybe full tank is newer style...

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