Hollister stores: floating dust/germs in dressing rooms

bnicebkindFebruary 26, 2008

Anyone else have a problem with the dressing rooms in Hollister? They are painted black, with lights that ILLUMINATE massive amounts of dust/germs floating in the air you breath as you try things on. They are claustrophobic (too small) painted black, and you watch the lights highlighting all of this dust floating around their dressing rooms. I now wonder if that is what we breathe everywhere we go indoors, or if we are just are highly aware of it because of the black painted surfaces of their dressing rooms, with the lights they use, or if it is just something weird, and their dressing rooms have huge amounts of dust for some reason??? I can't stand being in their dressing rooms, and the music is so blasted loud, that you can't even hear the person next to you talk.

They are chasing the paying customers out of the store, because the music is blasting sooooo loud!

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I've never been in a dressing room, but I can tell you I could scream when I have to go to Hollister for a gift card. Do they really need the music so loud that the gal behind the register can't hear you without you screaming? Go figure, the kids love the store, it is always crowded, so I guess the age group that shops at Hollister isn't worried about the dust or their hearing:)).

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You have named some of the reasons that i dont even go into that store.

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My daughter and her friends (and I by default) do shop there but I hate it for the all of the above reasons (you forgot to add that a good deal of the merchandise is trampy and tissue-paper thin!) Even the kids, though, laugh about the lighting and noise as being ridiculous but they'll shop there anyway because it is considered cool.

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I no longer try on clothing in those awful dirty dressing rooms most stores have. The last time I was in one, someone left a bag behind. Inside it was a baby's dirty diaper. So disgusting that mother couldn't find a garbage receptacle! So I buy clothes, bring them home, and if they don't fit I return them!

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Don't forget that a lot of floating dust is actually skin flakes!

Alhtough I like the clothes for my duaghter; the music is too lous and the store is too dark. So I shop elsewhere.

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