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onaconaJuly 28, 2006

I need to buy new cookware for camping. We usually camp with 4 to 12 people. My problem is deciding which kind of cookware to buy. I don't know if aluminum or stainless or titanium or whatever is best. And what about non-stick coatings? Any advice?

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Hard to answer without knowing what style of camping you plan on doing, what cooking equipment (propane stove, wood coals, charcoal brazier, RV kitchen, etc) you'll be using and how elaborate the meals you plan on preparing.

In general non-stick coatings are delicate. Unless you are scrupulous about packing and only use plastic utensils the coatings will be damaged. Materials like thin aluminum or plain stainless steel that have hot spots on a kitchen stove will be even worse when used for camp cooking. The vintage looking enamel coatings chip even easier then non-stick coatings.

Don't overlook cast iron. Correctly seasoned they are non-stick, don't rust and can be cleaned with a handful of ordinary sand if someone forgets to pack dish soap. Also catalogs are about the only place I've actually seen matching camp cookware sets with more then three pieces.

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