underwire bra problems

brownthumbiaFebruary 16, 2012

What is wrong with me anyway? I'm trying out underwire bras for the first time. Why does the wire creep up and poke me in the arm pit? Am I buying the wrong size or what's up with this? I measured myself to check the size and Holy Toledo I measure so much larger than I've been buying it's not even possible that I would wear that size bra. What am I doing wrong? BT

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It sounds like you are buying too large a cup size if it is hitting you in the underarm. Go to the lingerie department at a store and get a good fitting. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, I think the number is around 70%!

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I think Victoria Secret has a bra fitter and Macy's might and if you have a specialty lingerie shop they might also. Although I am a mle I sew women's clothing and I plan on startting to make bras and panties, since you ladies and us guys that like panties are getting ripped off, $10/15/25/30/40 for panties or a bra, I can import the name brands from China where all the lingerie and desiggner stuff is made for about $.50 to $5.00 for panties and bras so it is rip off!
I follwo this stuff cause I had a GF that ahd implants and she wore size 36c, well after a while form intimate times i actually made her size in crease, she was spilling out of her 36c's and i bought her some 36d's and she could not believe her boobs had increased from our activities but they had, new bras fit better didn't have muffin top or side bulges clothes fit smoother! and you are so right i think it is around 70% of women wear the wrong size bra! Why spend $10/15/25/30 or more on a bra and have it not fit correctly they don't charge in major retailer for fitting i think, smaller private shops might have a fitting fee!

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I've been embarrassed of the same bra problem but good thing, I resolved it.

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Very helpful, roselyn31. ???

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