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gardendocJuly 30, 2002


I would like to know if anyone has a favorite recipe for barbecue sauce which includes fresh herbs. I'll be needing this sauce for basting, and to be served at the table, too. I am a bit sketchy about this... can one sauce do double duty? I have perfected a marinade that is sweet and spicy (soy sauce, vinegar/lemon, sugar....). I need a good flavorful basting sauce/table sauce that would go well with meat and veggies. I am vegetarian, but I cook for meat lovers as well.

And... whats the difference between a marinade/sop/mop/baste/sauce and when does it go on the meat? I heard that bastes should contain no (or at least, very little) sugar, because it burns on the grill. However, I want a good finishing sauce that is slightly sweet. Does anyone have ideas on how to do this? Use different mixtures, perhaps? And apply it off the grill, once the meat is cooked?

Thanks so much!

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I really enjoy the results that I get from a brand called "Stubbs". They make marinades and sauces for chicken, pork and beef. They have a mopping sauce as well as bar-b-que sauce. I believe you are correct about the sugar issue and burning. I use the mopping sauce after the product (ribs or chicken) is about half way cooked, basting every time I turn it. Then, the last coat or two for each side is the barbcue sauce. I have really enjoyed it. It is not too sweet but has a nice spice to it. Good luck.

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This is a basic basting/swab/mop sauce that is used for chicken, pork, ribs, wild game

Swab mix
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
1 Tbl salt
1 tsp pepper

Using bbq mop, swab every 15-30 minutes. Last 15 minutes baste with bbq sauce/or serve sauce on the side.

I have my MIL's South Alabama recipe that she only shared with me. It's a wonderful bbq sauce, and not the thick heavy kind.

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