Anyone getting a malware page when they come on here

javaandjazzJune 3, 2012

I have been coming on here a few times and another page pops up telling me a have a virus and is running windows virus scan 2012. I think its a scam??? Thanks, Richie

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Yesterday while crusing the "kitchen Table" forum, my virus checker blocked loading a window a couple of times reporting it had encountered a re-direction application.

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what virus scan are you using, I have macafee and it seem useless at times in the past.

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I'm pretty sure the windows virus scan DIRE warning is a SCAM!! I had something pop up a few days ago that looked like my computer was FESTERING with awful stuff. Have a reliable virus protection, totally ignored the "warning", ran a scan just the same... and totally clean! Think when people see "windows" they assume it's legit... don't think so!?!

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I have Norton and have had no problems

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I have all kinds of tracking cookies that load from GardenwWeb sites....periodically I have to clean them all out....most annoying!!
That dire warning thing is a virus in itself. When that appears....just shut down your not click exit out of it....just do a crash.

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