alex1981June 3, 2014

I bought this Goebel figurine at a flea market and I can't identify the stamp in the base. Can anybody help me? I would like to know the year and TMK. Thanks!

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I think it may be a knock-off, as a genuine Hummel would have - a bee - a letter V - a word 'Goebel'...or J.I. Hummel and name of the piece written around the base of the figurine.

Here's a place that might give you a bit more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummel Trade Marks 1 to 8

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well, justlinda has some valid points.... there was a time that the marks on hummels were not colored... they were just stamped into the base and then glazed over.... this appears to be what you have.... the center markings appear to be artist markings.... looking at your picture of the base, it appears you have a mark to the right of signature (in the outer ring).... it is really hard to tell in this photo.... i will say that i will disagree with justlinda on the biggest point - i seriously doubt that this is a knock off.... it appears to be real.... if we could get a better view of the base, that would help.... happy hunting....

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