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patches_02June 1, 2010

Friends mother passed and this lamp has been in her house for as long as she can remember. Can't find any thing to identify it. Any ideas. It stands 39 in tall to top of chimney.

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The photo was too dark for me to see details. it appears to be a lovely lamp from the past.

You did say chimney. This indicates it is a kerosene lamp. If so, there should be a thumb wheel at the base of the chimney holder for advancing the wick, and there should be a wick hanging down inside the fuel bowl. If the wick is missing, this is of little consequence since the wick is a comsumable and when used on a regular basis, might get replaced once every 2 to 5 years. The decorations hanging from the shade appear to be glass.

Look the lamp shade over carefully for a maker's mark. it may be on the rim or near the top. This lamp is fancier than the average lamp used in farm houses 80 yrs ago.

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Take tht photo without the window in the background, The picture will not be as dark.

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I've seen some similar lamps referred to as 'Gone with the Wind' lamps, so it might be from the 1940's or so. Or, of course, it could be from the actual 'Gone with the Wind' time frame, or any time in between. But Googling 'Gone with the Wind' lamps should get you some useful information.

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