Is any of this worth anything?

lydia1959June 14, 2012

My friend's aunt is moving and wanting to get rid of things. I have already looked up a lot of items for her in completed auctions at eBay.. haven't found anything very valuable as of yet. I thought someone here might help me with these last few items. The table top is hand painted, but the table doesn't look old to me. The round item is a tray. I think the woman's head might be a wall pocket. My friend didn't give me anymore info on these. TIA

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The table will only appeal to someone who likes that sort of stuff.....and avocado green. But it appears well done and in good condition.
The pink clam broth glass is 1930 vintage....has a pattern name but I am too lazy to look it up. Ought to bring %15 or so.
The tray is hard to see....looks like a repro Coke tray or something....
But the wall pocket head vase is very collectable.....and, depending on conditio0n may bring
$50 or perhaps more.
Linda C

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Thank you Linda! I have passed the info along to my friend.

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