Help ID an interesting french? gilded wooden object

cslambertJune 22, 2012

I found This Interesting little wooden item at a flea market. It is 6.5" wide an slides out via sliding mortise and tenon joint to around 11" total. looks to be hand made from early 20th century maybe a bit earlier. Beech wood, painted with gold leaf, and has really nice shield and fleur de lis motifs on the folding pieces. Nice etchings throughout the piece. Any ideas of what it is or when/where its from?

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I've done a bit of research on the designs- it looks to be that the little coats of arms are very similar to those of Florence, Italy, and the house of Medici. Perhaps a souvenir from the turn of the century? But... what for?

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It's a book holder....adjust to as many bookes as you want it to hold.
That sort of gilt wooedn stuff was very popular in th50's and 60's...I had a tissue box with much the same sort of decoration.

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Thanks Linda- always impressed at your ability to identify things for people :-)

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