Virco....Too damn big

dwyerkgJuly 9, 2002

I saw this at COSTCo and I think it looks like a great grill but it is so damn big. I need a smaller grill than that and those side burners are just a waste of space ( do yopu use them?). If I ever brougt that badboy home my wife would hang me up by the skivvies :O)

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LOL. Yes it is a large one, but not as big as the large Members Mark at Sam's or others on the market. There is a lot of smaller grills out there with great features. If you don't think you want the side burner and the grill is too big for you, take a look at the Weber Silver "A" series. A nice size grill for only $349 at most home centers. For me, I use the side burner about every other time I grill. I can cook a complete meal on this grill and keep the "Heat" out of the kitchen. My wife likes that part too.

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I think I am going to get the WEBER Genesis Silver B. It seems that it is a good grill that will fit on my deck. As far as the side burners go maybe my current Fiesta (dont laugh for $88) just doesnt get hot enough when it is windy. I ususally grill everything anyways.

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No laughing here, I upgraded from an old Sunbeam dual burner model for about the same new! The Weber is one good grill, a buddy of mine looked at them as well, and for the extra $50.00 it didn't make much sense not to get the "C" with the side burner. BTW, if you are interested, you can get the Webers at a lot of places such as Lowes, Home Depot and I am sure others, but Home Depot, at least here in Salt Lake, are the only ones that carried the Webers with the cast iron grates. After doing some research on these, my friend liked the cast iron better. (Better flavor, no chipping, etc.) Just thought I would pass that on. Also Home Depot carries the Silver "C" for only $499, I think the "B" was $449. Anyway, good luck to you and here is some pics of my friends Silver "C" NG with cast iron grates on its maiden voyage.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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So you say the cast iron grates are better? I saw an advertisement up here in Boston that says the carry the porcelin grates for the same price as home depot. That made me think cast iron was inferior. Is that true?

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I don't think so. I think that most people "think" that the porcelain is better because of the "no rusting" that people sell them on. My personal opinion is that the porcelain can chip when they are scraped, scrubbed, cleaned or?? If this happens then you really have a rust problem, not to mention that when they do crack or chip some of that might get into your food. I am sure that is a long shot, but it could still happen. Cast iron rusts on a lot of people because they don't know how to care for it, they clean with soap and water, then they rust and people don't like them. The truth is, cast iron is the original non-stick surface and it gives your food an excellent flavor the more it is used. All you have to do is properly season and oil these things and they will never rust or cause any problem. (Look at Grandma's cast iron skillet!) Instructions are included with the grill on how to season them properly. I think that places like Lowes and other home centers carry the porcelain because I believe that Home Depot and a select few others have an exclusive on the cast iron grates. It also seems that more of the high-end grill makers use either SS or cast iron for the grates. I suppose it might come down to a personal preference, but I think that most places that sell the Webers with the porcelain have to convince you that it is better because they can't sell the cast iron ones and they would have you believe that crap about cast iron holding bacteria and releasing it into the food. What a crock. That is why porcelain and Teflon coated pans have gotten so popular over the years. Truth is, bacteria can't live at the temperatures that we grill at, and what DOES happen is the cast iron is porous, so it will absorb fats and oils (that is why is wears to black) and becomes non stick and "seasoned" providing an excellent flavor and durability. Just my "Two Cents". Good luck.

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Yes, it's big, so big that in the current location on the patio where I'm using it, I decided not to install the side shelf so there is more clearance. But I like the fact that it's a very stable platform, and that it can rotisserie a medium size turkey (14 lbs) with no problem. I had my cousin and his family over for a bbq turkey dinner on Saturday, and they were very impressed with the grill - and the results!

I have cast iron grates on my gas cooktop stove inside the house, and they are just fine. They get a little rust on them when I put them in the dishwasher, but it's no problem. I've heard the porcelain grates are harder to keep clean, actually. They look better initially and make for a quicker sale but after a few uses they become stained.

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I have a DCS Grill and went through two sets of Porcelain coated grates before switching to their new stainless steel grates. This grill produces so much heat that I have not noticed any difference cooking on the SS. As mentioned above by bsbbq, the porcelain grates do chip when brushed to clean and eventually start to rust.


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You can also get stainless grates and flavor bars on a Weber, but you need to go to a grill store or hardware store and they run $50 more than Home Depot, but probably worth it if you really want the stailness...

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But the Virco space makes sense. I.e.; many grills have an exposed tank off to the side, etc. At least there's cabinet space under the sideburner to hold the tank. :)

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Actually, I saw the Weber Silver "C" at Home Depot with the ss grates and flame tamers AND an extra fold up shelf on the right for only $529.00! I though it was a real good steal for only $30 more, but my friend wanted the cast iron. I have had some burgers off the cast iron weber, and they were very delicious. I think that with time, the cast iron grates actually enhance the flavor of the food better than anything else out there, but they do require a little more work with keeping them oiled.

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If the Virco Classic at Costco is too big, then look at the smaller Virco Mark VII instead. It's also all 304 stainless, much smaller and right now it only costs $399!!! Here's the link so you can check it out yourself.

Good luck!

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Sorry Item Virco Mark VII Gas Grill is out of stock! But More are on the way Soon! Check back soon!

That really stinks....

I would like to see it in person, but I bet its nice.

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Yes, but no rear rotisserie burner. In my book, that's a deal breaker.

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Bought this grill about a month ago. Have had no problems with it whatsoever. It only has the two burners but according to the hood thermometer has gone over 500 degrees after about 5 minutes. For the price you can't beat it, specially stainless steel. I also saw this same grill at BBQGalore for $699. They call it the Beefmaster but all the paperwork on it says made by Virco and the manual is the same. Also the flame tamers are the same as the Costco model and the burners looked to be the same shape.

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A friend of mine and I both purchase Weber Grills Silver B and C respectively. I am very happy with my Silver C. My friend wishes he had spent the extra $50 on side burner. If you have the small amount of extra space, which is probably only the size of the side burner ( Aprox. 1 foot) and where you are buying the product there is not much of a sale price differential, then it seems like it would be worth the peace of mind to know that you will be happy. Also, that little extra room give you a place to put thing when you are not using the side burner.

As far as cast iron grates are concerned. I am extremely happy with how easy it is to clean there porcelain grates. I use Amways stainless steel non- scratching scouring pad.. They make cleaning these grate totally a non-issue, the other ordinary household tools in my house did not work as well on the porcelain grates or stainless rotisserie. In fact, I am looking for someone who sells this Amway product. Amway's one box lasted us for more that five years at minimal cost.

My friend also has porcelain grates which he is happy with, however like bsbbq he thinks the cast iron might work better with certain foods like steaks. We might end up splitting the cost of the cast iron grates set so we can both have cast iron and porcelain grates. I believe the cost of the cast iron grates at Home Depot are under $50 with porcelain grates being slightly less at other stores., so either way you go it will not cost you a lot to change your mind.

On the main issue of buying a Weber Silver series grill, whatever your pocket book can afford and your space will allow, like myself I am sure you will be happy with your Weber purchase decision. However, I would like to let you know that I live in Southern California near the beach where the temperature is moderate and I donÂt have a wind problem, that might be a worthwhile question to find out if the Weber Grills are wind friendly.

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If anybody is interested has 3 of the Virco Mark VII in stock for immediate delivery fro $399.00.

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Do you have a different address?

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for the smaller Virco
Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Smaller Virco

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Can someone show me what the large Virco looks like? Is there a website?


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Sure, check out my site below.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Virco Site

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