Freckles. Love 'em, but....

yellowhairFebruary 14, 2004

I like my freckles, but it seems like the ones around my eyes are larger and show right thru my makeup, even my current coverup. Any suggestions on how to conceal my big beautiful (most of the time) freckles?

PS My mom also has freckles, but she says my grandmother didn't have freckles on her face----that she mixed up something and used it! Unfortunately, she passed away when my mom was just a young girl, so the mixture secret went to the grave with her. I suspect it may have had lemons and some type of lotion.

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a TINY dot of green 'corrective' concealer under your makeup should correct the freckle-in-the-wrong-place issue- I think they do tend to 'spread' a little on thinner skin?

Grand mom may jsut have kept out of the sun- or gone the 'bleaching' method... or she might just have been one of those women who never left her boudoir without her face on...

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Thanks ChinaCAt. Where do I get this green corrective concealer?

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