Viro grills...can they be built in?

JoifulJuly 5, 2002


We are in the process of building a new home and are planning to have a large built in Bar-B-Q center. I have been looking at the Viking and Dacor stainless built-ins. Needless to say, they are VERY expensive. Can the Costco Viro be built in?

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Look at the thread with pics on the Members Mark built in. This could certainly be done with the Virco as well, and with even more confidence as it is all stainless steel (I would be somewhat concerned about corrosion and rust running mortar/brick/rock up against the steel areas on the Members Mark and outside exposure in general over time). Regardless, that person did an excellent job.

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Sure, any grill can be built in. With enough determination and a welding machine you can do whatever you want to make a built in. I was the one who made the built in for the Members Mark. It looks a first class and separates it from any ole grill that rolls around. The beauty it that I didn't have to spend $3-5K to get a built in grill. I have great confidence in the Member Mark grill or the Virco grill. Here's the kicker, if in 10 years I should need to replace this grill, I would only have to slide it out and slide in its replacement. Don't be afraid to build it in just because there isn't any info on the net. I search and search for 9 months. All I ever found was retail grill and islands for sale for thousands of dollars. Thats why I decided to do it myself and keep my money.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Built in grill

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I have been thinking about converting my grill to a built in one. The pictures above look so cool!

Last week when I was grilling, the smoke got in my eyes big time. The wind changed direction on me. The yard is kinda like an open field. After working in the smoke for 10 -15 minutes with my eyes barely mom came out and said how come you don't rotate the grill..."duh".

I'm in the process of converting the virco grill from propane to natural gas. I'll get a 12ft hose so I can roll the unit anywhere including disconnecting the hose and move the grill under the patio cover. I guess I'm going for "practicality" over "look".

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I am in the process of building it in. The biggest problems I've run into are:

1) The skirting around the bottom to hide the casters are 1" wide all the way around, 6" high. I have to jog the steel studs to accomodate this. This also will make the unit face flush except for the bottom where it will stick out 1".

2) The deck height is 34". Typically, countertops are at 36". The problem with that is that my stainless fridge I'm building in is wanting a 34" under counter height, so I have to bend over the plate studs above the fridge to get it in, and try to find some other support for the hardibacker and tile to rest on.

3) Rotis bracket is 1" lower than deck height. For this, I am going to form my countertop with a jog where this is needed, slide the unit in, and then use a right angle ratchet or something afterwards to screw it in.

4) Handle and shelf. I can't use these for obvious reasons. Maybe I'll put them up on e-bay or just keep them in the garage.

5) Return air in the back. This is not square to the rest of the unit, but I figure you won't be able to see it on my built-in becase I have a 6" backsplash on it. If you are building an island, you have to jog the back to accomodate this.

Other than these things, it should work fine. I'll post pictures once I'm done.

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Parcow, you are a pioneer indeed! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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