Has anyone used Showplace cabinets? Opinions?

barregJanuary 29, 2008

We had been planning to use Omega Dynasty cabinets in our bath remodel because we liked them so much in our kitchen.

However, the store where we're getting our granite vanity top from also sells Showplace brand cabinets and they have a cabinet that would work very well with our layout (single 72" cabinet with drawers in the middle). The Showplace vanity and medicine cabinets would be a few hundred dollars cheaper than Dynasty cabinets, but I haven't been able to find any opinions or reviews of the Showplace cabinets online. Has anyone here used them?

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Anyone? Any opinions at all? Bueller...?

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I have them and they are fine. I have the shaker door style: white finish in my kitchen and full baths, quartersawn oak in my powder room, and natural cherry in my guest house kitchen. no complaints. :-)

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I was between Showplace cabinets for my kitchen and Custom Cupboard. My KD said the Custom Cupboard cabinets were made better. I don't remember all the details but check on the construction and thickness.


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We completely remodeled our kitchen this year and purchased $18,000+ of Showplace cabinets at the beginning of March, 2008. Worst decision I have made this year.

We put down a 60% deposit and were told the cabinets would arrive in 5-6 weeks. They arrived more than 10 weeks later at the beginning of June. We did not receive our full order and what we received had numerous problems.

Of what we did receive, 90% of the doors and drawer faces had flaws that required replacement. The flaws included: chip outs at the panel joins, door insert panels had the wrong side facing forwards, glue rag marks, inconsistent and poorly sanded drawer panel ends, and staining flaws. Three of the cabinets were the wrong size and had to be reordered.

We were told the replacement order would be expedited due to the already lengthy delays we had experienced. Not true.

After another 8 weeks we received the replacement cabinets but had to wait another few weeks for the door and drawer faces (due to the significant number of flaws they had to have a special meeting which dragged the process out even longer). When they did arrive about 30% of the replacements had flaws that required they also be replaced. The dealer and Showplace's manufacturer's rep assured me they would be replaced. It is now the middle of October and our kitchen is still not finished. The dealer hasn't returned calls for 4 weeks. The manufacturer's rep on the other hand has returned calls and is looking into the situation.

Other than the poor delivery time, slow customer service, and poor quality finishing, I would also add that the cabinets do not have the build quality I expected or was led to believe that I would receive. On the plus side, the design is very nice, the frontal appearance is very good, and drawer construction is very solid. On the negative, the cabinet walls are only 3/8" plywood construction and the backs are at best an 1/8". The cabinets are poorly braced and my cabinet installer had to rebuild the oven cabinet so it would support our built-in oven. The thin wall construction means that the cabinets 'rack' easily making it very difficult for my cabinet installer to true them up during installation. But you will not find the cabinet wall thickness mentioned in any of Showplace's marketing materials. I sifted through their website and .pdf materials but cabinet wall thickness is artfully omitted.

In my opinion these cabinets look good but are not built to last. I have since learned that I could have had custom cabinets built with much higher quality for equivalent dollars. And if I had, my kitchen would be complete by now. My dealer told us we could expect our cabinet install to take 3-6 weeks from the time the cabinets arrived. It is now 5 months and it is still not done.

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To me it sounds like you are working with a really bad dealer. I sell Showplace cabinets, so I know them pretty well. I also install cabinets, so I understand the importance of how they're built, not just how they look. The boxes are very well built. 3/8" plywood is sufficient for the sides, and you can bump it up to 5/8" flush ends for anything exposed if you'd rather. The cheaper, lower quality cabinets will use furniture board for the sides. Showplace doesn't even offer quality that low. The back is 1/8", but has no structural significance to the cabinet, so it just provides a clean look from the inside.

As for the problems you've run into, and just from what I read, I would guess you are working with a lazy dealer. He probably placed your order much later than he told you, and could very vell have been the person that mishandled the cabinets to cause the damage. I have been to Showplace's factory, and I know first-hand that they build, package, and deliver very carefully, so to get that much product damaged makes me think it's someone who handled them after delivery. Also, with all the wrong sizes, I would bet the order was wrong in the first place. My guess is that if you check the tags on the individual cabinets, the size of the cabinet will match what the tag says it should be. That means that Showplace did exactly what they said they were going to do, but whoever designed and ordered them never checked to make sure that was really what they needed (or didn't know what they really needed).
It's great that Showplace is stepping up to help fix all these issues. I would expect that kind of cooperation from them just based on the type of people they are. Unfortunately, they have entrusted a dealer as a middle man to work with you, and you got stuck with an incompetent dealer.
I hope you get everything straightened out and finished. And I can sympethize with your headaches right now, so I hope that the right people take responsibility for their screw-ups. Good Luck.

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Hello all,

My husband and I purchased Showplace cabinetry (painted wood) for our kitchen and bath. Cabinetry was installed in Sept 2008. It's December now and about half of the doors (only in the kitchen) are warped so that the doors do not close "flush" with the cabinet any longer. Is this normal? I can't believe that we paid over $12K for cabinets that warped in two months. For the dealer who posted, any advice?

Thank you, Tiff

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Hey Tiff,
I suspect you live in a lower humidity area. Am I right?

Wood definitely moves. If your house has a significant changes in humidity (or is different from the climate you cabinets were manufactured in), that will cause things to move, expand, shrink, and possibly even twist. Showplace has some warnings about that and your dealer should have provided you with that info. But, hopefully this is not the case. The first thing I would do is adjust the hinges. All of Showplaces concealed hinges are adjustable up/down, side-to-side, and in/out. Adjustments are always needed after installation with any cabinet. If adjusting the hinges doesn't make them lay perfectly flat, you still may be ok. Wood also needs time to re-acclimate to their new environment. In time, the wood should relax. This could take several months, but can also change with the seasons.
Also, did you pick a flat panel door? Those would be more prone to twisting than a solid panel door since they are simply not as rigid. And, larger doors will obviously show twist much more drastically than the smaller doors.
I guess my advice, if adjusting the hinges doesnt work is, be patient for now and give your cabinets time to adjust. Keep your dealer in the loop though, and if your doors donÂt show any sign of improvement in the next few months, have your dealer bring it to ShowplaceÂs attention and have them replace any doors that still donÂt look right. Like you said, you made a large investment in your home, and I'm sure Showplace will be very cooperative to ensure you're satisfied with it. I hope this helps.

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yes I have and I'm not happy with them.To make a long story short .For 7 months I have been having doors replaced that I'm not happy with and I just got a letter from manufacturer stating that they are sorry that they are not meeting my expectations and my expectations are higher than their manufacturing standards and there is nothing more they can do.Well what I expected was what was represented by the salesperson and also what was represented by their website"showplace cabinets is built to high standards with the finest materials" I expected new cabinets with no flaws or defects.I have done 6 kitchens and used other manufacturers and never had a problem so I know what to expect when I redo a kitchen and how new cabinets are supposed ot look..I shouldn't have to touch up new cabinets ...so i guess off to court we go!

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I have used Showplace cabinets in two kitchens. One was a remodel the other a new home. I have been very happy with both kitchens. In one case the cabinets were installed in 2004-2005 and they have held up beautifully. The new kitchen went in in 2008 and they have also performed very well. I had not difficulties with delivery of the cabinets and when I needed to make a change (we changed our mind on the layout) they were very easy to work with. I highly recommend them. They are a great value. And, of course, they are made here in the USA.

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This is a obviously a very old post and is a great example of how things posted on the internet never go away; it is also a testimony to the value placed on this particular web site as a source of good information.

This is a comment from Showplace, meant to address the unfortunate post by luv_my_home.

Sadly, luv had a bad experience, but we can say without hesitation that late delivery and lack of follow-through was NOT due to Showplace.

Late delivery? In our company's entire existence we have NEVER shipped in 10 weeks ... it plain and simply did not happen on our end. We ship +99% on-time and complete - we have cross-functional meetings every week and it is highly unusual to have anything backordered or shipped late. Typically IF something must ship late, we ship by an alternative method and the backordered item often gets to the destination before the truck delivery arrives with the rest of the order. We're posting an image of our actual performance from that time period and we are proud to show this publicly.

Wrong sized cabinets? We build them the size the dealer orders; the dealer also has some responsibility to review the order for accuracy BEFORE we begin production and Showplace provides 3-full-days for them to review the order and correct any errors. Showplace also has review processes so it is highly unlikely this happened.

Poor quality doors and headers? No doubt issues happen from time to time, sometimes legitimately our fault; if it is our fault we move swiftly to remedy the problem. Other times our product is oversold by a dealer and the customer is led to expect a high-end and very expensive quality level...with Showplace being significantly lower in price, we don't attempt to provide the same product attributes as a much more expensive brand, for example Woodmode. We definitely DO work to achieve a quality level that exceeds other brands at the mid-price level where our product fits. Even high-end brands like Woodmode often have a cabinet offering with lower quality expectations; Woodmode has one called Brookhaven - Showplace competes nicely with Brookhaven. Regardless, we work very hard to satisfy the homeowner if issues arise.

We don't question that luv's experience was a nightmare and that is unfortunate; however, it is obvious to us that Showplace was unnecessarily thrown under the bus. You don't have to look too deep to understand there is a reason the dealer wasn't returning luv's phone calls and the Showplace rep was. Bet this dealer is no longer in business today, or is no longer selling Showplace.

We appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight.

Tiff, we'd be curious to know if your door issues have resolved. Wood is a natural material and will be subject to changes in humidity even after being stained or painted; the quick warping could happen due to the changes in humidity from origination to destination...sometimes cabinets are stored prior to installation in a completely uncontrolled environment and that would take some time to adjust. Once they are installed in a controlled environment they most often will equalize. Showplace buys wood dried to a range of 6-8% moisture content which is in line with best-practices for cabinet components.

donna, we do buy high-quality materials from excellent providers used by many other cabinet brands. Significantly more expensive brands are priced to absorb the cost of materials their clients would deem "unacceptable" which they would then recycle or send to the landfill. Every photo of our products is taken in a real home and we do not airbrush them to look better than you can expect. You can be assured cabinets are available at two or three times the cost of Showplace and wood's natural variability will be minimized or even eliminated.

With more than 1.5 million cabinets installed across the country and decades of cabinet industry experience, we are very confident that Showplace is one of the best cabinets available for the money today.

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I am about to install Showplace cabinets in a beautiful, old, former bank building. The top floor was converted to a penthouse apartment many years ago. My husband and I are renovating the penthouse and will live there. We are converting the former law offices on the second floor to 2 two bedroom apartments, but we will not use Showplace in those units due to cost.

This is my first post to this forum and I was happy to find the thread (although it is old) on Showplace. We did a lot of research and priced out a total of four cabinet lines. Showplace seems to have the best price point in the mid-range cabinets we priced.

I am considering using them in the two bathrooms in the penthouse as well.

I will post once the cabinets are installed and have had a chance to settle in. It will be good to get a more recent impression on the cabinets.

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After my recent experience with Showplace, I wouldn't put them in a doghouse. Boxes needed clamped and re-glued. Light rail and crown molding had HUGE stain variation from the cabinets. However the biggest problem is every box, door, end panel, and drawer front looked like it had been finished in a dusty room. Tons of dust and grit in the finish on every single square inch. Showplace offered to replace doors and drawers but after seeing what they did from the get go I felt I'd get more of the same or worse. The posts above seem to confirm that I made the correct decision. I attempted to negotiate a credit unsuccessfully. I hope this thread keeps others from getting burned like I did. My last kitchen was done with Wellborn cabinets and was flawless furniture quality finish . I really wish my dealer didn't switch brands on me. There are lots of brands out there. Look elsewhere....

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I just wanted to give a follow up post to my one from a couple of years ago on Showplace cabinets. After about 2 years of use these cabinets continue to disappoint. The inset door panels have shrunk showing unstained wood on many. Also, many of the doors have warped and no longer close evenly from top to bottom. We have a high end climate control system and humidity is controlled very accurately so that can non be blamed. Much of the upgraded hardware is also getting sloppy despite paying extra for the options. In the end we have learned an expensive lesson here. Check with existing owners before you proceed.

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I respectfully disagree. My cabinets are not quite a year old (as a disclaimer) and we could not be more pleased with them. We have them installed in our kitchen and the quality is very good. Ours are painted. We went through a summer in the house with no central AC and several long stretches with the house closed up and no AC at all and we have had no issues at all with warping. If anyone is interested I have pictures of the kitchen. We looked at many brands and spoke to several designers. I am happy with our choice and my GC was as well- he installs many brands. Hope this helps someone.

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I'm six weeks into a kitchen renovation and I've found many problems with the showplace cabinets I purchased. I thought I did my homework. I searched online and found mainly positive reports online. My dealer had very high praise for this company but it's a new line of cabinets for her. I went with my in-laws when they were buying new cabinets at a different dealer and he told me he had showplace in his home and loved them. I compared the door sample to the merillat cabinets I was looking at elsewhere and I thought the stain was much nicer. I have cherry cabinets with coffee stain and an ebony glaze. There are numerous places on the cabinets where not enough stain is present and you can see the bare wood. A showplace rep came to my house and says that his opinion is they sanded too vigorously before the clear coat was applied. He took the stain marking pen that was left for me and attempted to fix some of the cabinets this way. Of course, this didn't work! His plan was to come back and spend more time trying to fix these issues and let me "live with it". I called my dealer and told her I know this plan wouldn't work. I've since cleaned the cabinets to remove dust and found many issues with stain irregularity. I'm so upset that I'm finally getting to the end of this project and finding so many issues with my cabinets. The crown molding and light rail molding isn't up yet so now I'm wondering what issues that will bring. My only other experience with cabinets were a master bath with Aristokraft and a laundry room with Lowe's diamond brand and I had no issues with them. The construction of the showplace cabinets seem really good but I'm so disappointed with the stain problems. The dealer and sales rep both reminded me of the lifetime guarantee but in my mind that was more for structural issues. Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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