Favorite facial moisturer's for the over 50 set?

marys1000February 17, 2008

I'm 51 and still have a bit of an oily forehead/t-zone though its less than before. And I noticed that in the last few years my forehead has also gotten red. My neck has gotten awful after years of neglect.

I'm looking for a night time cream and a daytime one. Daytime I currently use a Loreal one I like (Neutrogena felt too greasy) but the spf stuff tends to melt after about 8 hours and get in my eyes making them sting. I don't like anything that feels greasy.

Any favorites out there?

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I like Oil of Olay with SPF 15. It does not feel greasy.

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I like Oil of Olay for sensitive skin. It doesn't stink like regular Oil of Olay.

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I don't know about for over 50, but Dermalogica is great for oily complexions.

I'm over 50 and love Dr. Denese products. She can be found on QVC. I'm not crazy about the eye cream but the moisturizer is great and the sunscreen she has is the only product that I've used so far that truly keeps my face from tanning or burning.

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Cetaphil moisturizing lotion was recommended by my dermatologist -- it works well for me, especially on my neck, and does not irritate my eyes.

I use Cetaphil cleanser, an oil-free product, to remove makeup. It can also be used as a moisturizer for oily skin, so that could work on your forehead.

These are both hypo-allergenic and sold at drugstores, Costco, etc.

For added sun protection on my face I like the sunscreens made for children, but even then I keep them away from my eyes.

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I am 52, I love Victoria Principle Products, they are a little pricey but you can join the "club" and save a lot. There a few facial lotions, they don't really feel greasy yet do make my face shiny which I simply wipe off. Her lotions really soak into the skin making a huge difference in how your face feels. I do not have extra money to spend on luxuries, I consider this a necessity! It also helps ease the wrinkles.

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I bought some Beyond Belief ABH Intensive Repair Serum from Sally Beauty Supply. It's wonderful! My skin is soft, smooth, not greasy feeling, the rashiness and flakes I had around my mouth and nose area - gone. I'm going to try some of the other products in the line. It's also decently priced at about 8.00.

I'm 52 and have struggled with breakouts and clogged pores forever. This product seems to keep that under control, too. I've been using it about a week and can really tell a difference.

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I have been liking the ROC line. Really like the night time that comes in a jar with a red lid. Lasts a long time.

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