Help!!! I need to find a Virco Classic

janieb22July 28, 2002

My husband fell in love just over a week ago! We went to Costco here in Ontario and saw the Virco Classic barbeque. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, we didn't buy it then and there and now the store is sold out as are all of the Costco stores in Ontario from what we've been told. We're in the Toronto area, so driving to one of the close States is possible. Does anyone know where we can find one of these beauties close to home? Are they only sold by Costco? Any help or information is much appreciated.


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I can tell you that they are sold ONLY by Costco. I would recommend that you simply call the stores that are within driving distance and see if they can give you information as to when they expect more. If you get lucky as I did, you may find a manager that would hold one for you if they know you are coming a fair distance to get one. I ended up driving 600 miles round trip for mine. Good luck.

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There don't appear to be any Costco's in the Buffalo area, but there are a number in the Detroit area. That is only a 4 hour drive from Toronto so you might try calling one of them.

Also, have you tried Quebec. Montreal is a bit of a hike but you could always make a weekend of it. One of my favourite places to visit.

Just an idea.


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Thanks for those who gave us some tips. We found a grill in Michigan (there are more at other stores) and drove down to get it on Saturday. Definately worth the drive! We cooked our steaks and lobster yesterday and my husband is in heaven! The machine is beautiful!!!

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Costco is shipping a supply Virco's to southern CA stores in about 2 weeks (Virco is in So CA) according to my spies. I did find one up in Lancaster, CA in the high desert and as of Wed PM there were 30 in Bakersfield CA about 2 hours north of LA. They got a hugh supply for their grand opening. Hope it helps anyone. What a great grill!

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