Just got my Y0660 from Sam's club

Another_TerryJuly 29, 2002

I picked-up the Y0660 over the weekend. What a great grill. I saw 620+ degrees on the hood thermometer, does a great job seering beef. The construction seems the same as a Viking or DCS. There are very few compromises on this grill, only the cast iron burners and the regular steel IR burner plate.

I was originally considering the Virco but this is a noticeable step up in construction, as it should be for almost twice the price. From a value standpoint, I think the Virco is unbeatable but I was willing to trade some value to upgrade the grill and cart.

If anyone is considering this grill, buy one now as Sam's club will not be stocking them through the winter. I was told that these are season items, only carried through spring/summer. They won't be getting any more in as the fall/winter stuff is replacing it, like Christmas stuff for example. The first store I called was down to a demo only (they said they wern't getting any more) and the second store I called had three that they just got the day before. They said that was their last shipment. So get one soon as they might be gone before long.

Thanks again to LGBSTEW (and others) for his pics and answers to my questions. I am very please with this grill.


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I've had my eyes on the Member's Mark grill at Sam's for a couple years now... My Sam's sold their last one about 2 months ago... then they got the other model with the enamaled steel lid, and smaller cooking space... I had very little interest in that model...

However... after a month or two absense, my local Sam's club just got about 10 new Member's Mark grills in stock. This after they've alread started stocking Christmas stuff... So... I know for sure that some Sam's Club stores are still getting these grills in...

One thing always has me scratching my head on these MM grils, is the cooking grate... those 'bars' must be hollow tubes, as they are not all that solid it seems. I can easly bend them with my bare hands... I'm not sure it's a problem, but just something I noticed... Theose grates would probably also weigh about twice as much if they were solid...

Anyone ever bend their grates on these grills when using a little extra elbow grease when brushing these grates off?

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Not sure which MM grill you are referring to. The one I bought, the Y0660, is the large $1500 model. It has very heavy, solid grates. They are not going to bend! -Terry

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I'm talking about the $600 MM grill... and I know they will bend because I have bent them in the store with realtively small amount of force. The bars are round, and about a 3/8 inch in diameter. I am quite sure the bars must really be hollow tubes, because if they were solid SS they would be heavier and presumably stiffer...

I have never seen the $1500 MM grill... only heard about it...

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$1500 grill is actually made in a different country, different parts, just different. Not to say the $599 grill is not a good value, it most definitely is. I had not even though about the hollow grate, but you are probably correct. That is probably the trade-off in having them spin, which is kind of a cool feature for cleaning and moving stuff around.

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