Moisturizers with a 'glow'?

joyce58February 22, 2007

Hi....Any suggestions for body moisturizers that also give you the "glow"?

Some of them smell awful and I would prefer one without a scent or a very light scent....I have used the Aveeno brand and it doesn't do anything for my medium skin...I still look "winter- white"!



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I was given a jar of Origins Ginger Souffle. It has a golden shimmer to it on your skin and smells a bit like a spice cookie!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ginger Souffle

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Why not just try a sunless tanning lotion. They do have some good ones that can give you a glow in about 30 minutes. I prefer ENDLESS SUMMER by coppertone. Just make sure to exfoliate first with a loofah or something to get rid of dry,dead skin. In a half hour you could look like you just got back from vacation.

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Oh! You wanted a tanning product! Duh! I tried the Jergens one. It adds a teeny bit of color at a time. It is less likely to streak on damp, just showered skin.

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bm, I love the ginger souffle also; and the bath creme is wonderful.

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I love ginger souffle too. Never noticed a shimmer, though.

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Joyce, I think the scent that your talking about is the chemical additive that dyes the skin (the 'glow'). It's pretty much unavoidable with self-tanning products, but there are definitely some that don't stink as badly as others.

I'd do an internet search for a sunless tanning site - I remember seeing one when I was in the market for a sunless tanner that actually rated all the products they tried, and they had before and after pics for most as well.

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