Buying a propane tank

zobeetJuly 10, 2006

Okay this is a little embarassing, but I just bought an LP grill, and realize I don't know where to go to get the tank and propane!!

I found tanks online, but I'd rather just go buy one.

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You can go to Home Depot, or any large grocery store.

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When you go to Home Depot, go to the checkout and say you want to buy the propane exchange. That way you don't have to buy a tank. I found this out exchanging the tank I got free with my grill a year ago--I finally ran out of gas and went to HD, and the guy wanted me to leave the tank outside while I went inside to pay. I asked how I prove that I am exchanging rather than buying a tank, and he said everyone just exchanges, don't worry about it.

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But that would be stealing, wouldn't it?????

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When you first buy a grille it comes with a propane tank, however that tank is empty. You then have two options;

1.You can take the tank to an LP Gas supplier, Recreatonal vehicle/camper dealer, Welding Gas supplier or in some instances a Farm supply store and they will have the equipment to fill your tank.


2.You can take advantage of the convenience of exchange services. Generally you will see a large metal rack in front or on the side of your Home supply center, Major retailer such as Walmart or K-mart, many gas stations or corner convenience stores where they keep "Exchange tanks". When you use the exchange service if you do not have a tank they will charge your for a tank plus the propane gas, but if you have a tank you turn the empty in and you get a full tank in exchange and you are only charged for the gas.

Exchanging tanks has one slight advantage. By law all flamable gas pressure vessels must be hydrostatic pressure tested at least once every 5 yrs and some are more often. If you continue to use the same tank when the test date expires you will have to pay for the hydrostatic test before they will refill the tank. When you exchange tanks they are certified by the supplier to have all the required inspections and current hydrostatic tests so you only pay for the gas.

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In my area refilling a 20 tank cost $16, up from $11 last year, propane exchanges are now $25. After six refills my tanks are effectively free. At least one exchange supplier, Blue Rhino, uses a proprietary valve only they can refill. They will accept anyone's tank for the exchange, but no one else will take theirs effectively capturing your future business.

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