New Smaller Members Mark gas grill at Sam's

BBQnSteveJuly 2, 2002

I notice that Sam's is carrying a smaller Members Mark gas grill with a red lid and cast iron grids for $269. My son in-law would like my stainless steel one but cannot afford the $$ for the big one like mine. The small one looks like it may be made by Grand Hall (same knobs, etc.)Any pros or cons from you would help make up his mind.

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Yes, the grill is made by Grand Hall. I beleive it is called "Bakers & Chefs". From what I have seen, it is a real good deal for the money. It looks to be a better value than comparable ones from Charbroil, Sunbeam and others in that price range. I am also looking at that one for my father-in-law. It is 80 bucks less than the smallest Weber and looks comparable in quality.

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The smaller gas grill is the model y0655 and is only available at sams club as it is their private label.
Its a great grill for the price and comes with a catalog of accessories which you can order.The rotissorie kit sells for 44.95 and is alot of fun.The grill reaches 400 degrees in just ten minutes and the grill has a two year warranty.

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Just bought this grill. Assembly was very easy. Very impressed with how the grill was packaged. Each part was bagged and labeled. All the nuts/bolts/parts were packed in a thermal formed blister pack rather than a bag. I would be interested in comments from other experienced owners of this grill. How to keep the grates clean, grilling tips, quality opinions, etc. There's a huge contingent of owners of the larger stainless steel grill, but not much chat on this one.

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It's time for me to buy a new gas grill and I'm torn between the Bakers & Chefs (Grand Hall) $269 model that Sams carries and the Weber Genesis Silver C. I know that the Weber is good but the price of the B&C is really enticing. It appears to be of good quality.

Any additional comments about this model and how it may compare to the Weber would be appreciated.

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I found this forum early in the weekend while researching this exact grill. I have loved all the comments from everyone regarding Grand Hall / Memebers Mark / Bakers & Chefs grills. Even the bad comments. At least I know what to expect. This is huge upgrade from the $150 kemmore that lasted me 6 years, barly (with repairs).

I ended up getting this unit last weekend for $229 after a successful garage sale. Also a new patio set which we also gor from Sams. You may have seent it, the 10pc wrought irons set. Very nice also and made in the USA which I like when can find it.

Anyway, before I fire this bad boy up, I am looking for comments on seasoning. The grates are cast iron with porcelin coating.
Does this coating negate the need for seasoning?
What kind of oil works best?
Should this be done before turning it on at all, after the first grilling, or exactly when?
Anything different regarding the burners?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
Tony Vrolyk

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Are you sure the burners are porcelin coated? I have seen the Bakers & Chef at Sam's and the grates are just a rough cast iron. The owners manual should say something to this in terms of seasoning, if it is needed. Maybe contacting Grand Hall would answer these questions for you. Good luck.

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Here's a followup to my MM grill (the small one!) The grates are not coated, I seasoned them once I burned off the "oil" residue that was coated by the factory. Did the cooking oil/350 degree oven cook for ~2 hours. I opted to purchase the ceramic flame tamers offered from Bakers & Chef. I'm not crazy with the steel flame tamers. I think I will need to keep an eye on the cast iron grates and the cast iron burners, rust will be an issue. KEEP THE CHAT UP ON THIS GRILL!!

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Walmart is now carrying a stainless grill for $269 called uniflame and it looks like a Grand Hall, so check it out. I only saw the boxes at Wallmart and not the grill because they had no display model, so I cannot really say more about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wallmart Uniflame Grill

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On coating the MM grids-cast iron or coated ones-use the bottled cooking oil like canola or vegetable instead of the sprays which will gum up the bottem of the grill bowl.Brush or spray the grids with oil before preheating to keep food from sticking and make clean up easier.

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