McLagan Grand Master Furniture

Catt_eeJune 14, 2011

I have a piece that has a sticker with "McLagan Grand Master Furniture" on the inside of it. Where can I find out what the piece is called and when it was made. It was used by my mom to hold knitting needles and patterns, and consists of a slanted-side "box" that has two hinged lids on top (on either side of a wooden handle) and the "box" is on turned wood legs which make it a "stand" of sorts. There is also a sliding wooden tray that sits on wooden tracks inside the "box". Any ideas?

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It's a sewing grandmother used to call it a "work box".....she kept her things she was working on in there.....quilting, embroidery, crocheting...even things to be mended. The tray held threads, scissors and a pin cushion with pins and needles.
I haven't seen any new boxes like that since perhaps 1950....most were older.
Linda C

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