'Threading' facial hair removal

JessyFeldm_speakeasyFebruary 13, 2004

I did a search on 'threading' here and didn't find anything, so I'm curious if anyone outside the Los Angeles area knows about this procedure.

I have had my eyebrows and lip line 'threaded' - the tech loops a spool of thread around her neck, twists it together and somehow (I obviously can't see) uses that to remove hair quickly. Yeah, some pain, but no skin is being pulled as with waxing. Also, no wax residue or possible long term damage to the skin.

The two nationalities I know who practice this are Iranian and Indian women who brought their craft from their homeland. I hope it catches on! Not something I could do on the 'brazilian' line...


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I pluck my eyebrows using either baby oil or a lotion first, then the tweezer. Doesn't hurt as much this way. I've never heard of the "threading." But, I imagine it will be the latest rave in a few months.

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I saw a gadget on tv that used this principal.

Then I found a description, below. Sounds like they make a sort of "cat's cradle" thingy, then work the twists back and forth.

BTW I searched google for: hair remove twist thread to find this link...might be other links.

URL: http://consumerbeware.com/kcbarchive/Forum5/000237.html

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it's possibly the oldest known plucking technique, actually... even older than waxing, and that dates back 4000 years that I know of...

there is indeed a 'cat's cradle' technique- there's also a version where the thread is knotted around the hair shaft, and pulled out.

I think it's one of those techniques that you're either born into the learning of as a child- or you're never going to pick it up.

I'll stick with me tweezers, though... haven't met anyone who can do my brows better than I can.

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There's a salon here that does threading on eyebrows for $20....I don't know how much other facial hair is...so much easier on your skin than waxxing. And it goes fast.

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Very odd. I am incredibly lucky; I started tweezing my eyebrows at about age 17, and after a few years the ones I regularly tweezed just never grew back.

I wish I could say the same for the wild few on my chin :)

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Eyebrows do that, weed. I found my daughter overplucking hers, and had to warn her she was doing too much and that they do not grow back after awhile. Thank goodness I caught her in time. My thick eyebrows looked so bushy when I was 2 inches from the mirror. But when I did the super pluck and then tried to see them in a mirror from across the room after a few years of plucking heavily, I was shocked to see how little eyebrow I actually had.

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I've been waxing my eyebrows and chin hair for 20 years. Have never removed skin or damaged my skin. It's also painless. The first time was bad but after that as long as you keep it up it pulls for a second and that's it. i don't have to wax my eyebrows any more they don't grow much any more but the chin hair keeps coming back.

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I first heard of threading sometime last year and did a google search. Found a video or two. I think it is fascinating, but I don't know of anyone locally who is doing it. It might be a bit painful (so is "regular" plucking), but it can pull several hairs at once, so it is over more quickly, too.

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