Weber Grill - How to clean Question

andrelaplume2July 26, 2010

I have the smaller Weber gas grill, no side burners. We have been using it alot this sumemr and I am getting flareups. In fact there is so much mess down there that it ignites and burns...along with the burners. I cleaned the grates and those metal "V" shaped bars that heat up right below the grates. How do you clean the area below all this? Scrap it all off with a putty knife? Its bolted to the you remove it? Do you use and oven cleaner then heat the grill and hope the gunk burns off? I am talking about the part of the grill that drains into the little foil container under the grill. Its so dirty, nothing is draining. How does one clean this? Once clean, how does one keep it clean?

Thanks...this is all a bit new to me.

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I think the part I am reffering to is called the bowl...all sorts of junk is caked on in there and on the side walls of the grill.

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Well if anyone is interested, the bowl pulls out for cleaning...still not sure how to get it really clean or how clean it should be or if I should spray it with PAM cooking oil?

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Yes that tray slides out. You can usually soak that tray in warm water and it will help loosen that grease. Might want to spary some "Dawn Powerdissolver" on it and let it set for a spell then let it sit in the water.

I'm not sure if you could/should use oven cleaner on it. Stuff is pretty caustic. I scrape it with a plastic putty knife or snow scraper.

If you don't keep this area clean you should experience more flare ups than usual. I've had a Weber Genesis 3000 now for almost 14 years and very rarely do I have a flare mostly with chicken when I have experienced them. Got to keep that bottom tray clean, should be a part of regular maintenance. I clean everytime I chuck out the disposable drip pan.

Do not spray the tray with PAM or line it with aluminum foil.

Flavorizer bars give them a scrap every now and then. Then clean the slide out tray, then dump the disposable drip pan.

Your Weber is a good little grill and should give you years of cooking.


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Thanks a million!

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