Wooden rocker/chair ???

CAD36June 8, 2013

I just bought this chair yesterday. Heavy solid wood rocker. ive never seen one like this before. very nice. Having a hard time finding info on it. Who made it. What it's worth. Etc. Help!

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Any info on this piece would be great. I'd like to know its value n history. Needs to be cleaned up n polished but other than that its in fine shape & very comfy. =?

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Can you show a picture of it from the front?

And have you looked all over for marks? Check the rocking mechanism and the underside.

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Front view. All solid wood.

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Underside of it. Need 3 new springs.

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Not what I thought it would be ... those arms are unusual.

It is a "platform rocker" (as opposed to the standard ones with curved rockers). These were developed in the late 19th century and have stayed popular, so dating it is going to be hard. It has that substantial 1930s men's club look to it ... my guess is 1930s to 1950s.

Check the rocking mechanism for names and dates. You can usually narrow the range by when the mechanism's manufacturer was in business.

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Looks to be Pine . Unfortunately , A value of zero .
It was probably part of a set that had a similar style sofa and a club chair .

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Let;s not be too hasty in tagging this chair as worthless.

It could be pine, but there are elements about it that are interesting. Pine is very soft. This wood appears to have a tighter grain than pine - its hard to tell due to the stain and finish.

I get the feeling this is not a production piece - the design uses too much wood for production. I suspect it was built by an unknown artsian who decided to make an unusual, but sturdy chair. I'd guess it dates to the early years of platform rockers. The builder amy have used a repair rocker spring set or simply took one from another chair and copied the rocker curve profiles.

Look at the fasteners that hold the rocker springs to the wood rockers. Are these old style nails and screws or modern ones?

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Don't declare it of no value. It's a rocking chair and could be a really comfortable one.

Clean it, protect the wood with a good sealing finish and it's good for another 50 years or so.

I found what I think is the matching couch: notice the shape of the back splats, the finials at the rear corners, and the knob below the arm rest ... heavy rustic 1950s den furniture.

Here is a link that might be useful: The couch?

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Thanks for the feedback. I have no experience on the matter but I do appreciated a good piece of furniture and I like looking at antique pieces of any kind. Just wanted to see if I could get some information on this chair & find out its history and worth. I love it. It sits lower to the ground than our other modern furnishings but its the most comfortable piece I own. The wood is why attracted me to it. The only lettering I could find was on the metal spring attachments. Was strange lettering. Not sure I read it right but it was- no-sag (these were all connected in some kind of cursive design) was hard to make out. ??? That's all I got. Will post pic of that part and what's around it. Wood n screws etc. Thanks again folks. =]

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My folks had this very same rocker. They bought it new in 1973 or 1974 from Ethan Allen Furniture, early american was the style name. It was an entire set of furniture, which one of my brothers still uses, but is in much better shape. The coffee table piece of the set is a large wooden cog table that turns.

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I know that you could buy this extremely heavy (I mean visually massive) pine furniture as late as the 70's in the northeast US.
It peaked in 1976 with the Bicentennial, nosedived after.

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