What is correct name for this 1/2 moon box

Katrinka_FidoJune 10, 2011

Long time no post! Anyway, here is an odd box-somekind of jewelry box? What is the CORRECT name and any ideas when it was made? Please and thank you.

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The CORRECT name is half moon dresser box. Dates about 1920, roughly. My grandmother had one very similar but hers held handkerchiefs.
Nice tramp art lamp in the background.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda, knew I could count on you. RE: the lamp... family squabble now that we know what it is. I still may get a barrel shade for it or sell, just don't know yet.

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Keep it!!!
Would it help if someone said..."doesn't look like anything but garage sale stuff....made in shop class painted white."
Don't sell it......where would you find another.

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