Happy 4th!!! What Are You Cooking Up Today?

meagainJuly 4, 2002

Going to be lots 'o grilling done today, the 4th of July.

What are you all grilling on this special day?

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Were keeping it simple today, burgers and dogs. Maybe some Italian sausages and some beer brats. Oh.... and of course the official grilling beverage, some beer!

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Do you cook the brats in beer prior to grilling? If so, do you use just beer or beer and other spices, etc in the pot? For some reason, I've never done that before. Does it make a big difference?

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I haven't either! I just buy the "Johnsonville" brand of Beer Brats. But, that sounds interesting, I will have to try that sometime.

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Beer Butt Chicken and it was sooooo moist and delicious, along with grilled corn, fried okra, and fresh pineapple.

Dessert, made ice cream in a bag. Lots of fun, and yummy!!!

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Probably nothing today. I'm postponing my weekend bbqing to Saturday, when the relatives can make it for a combined mother/cousin birthday party. Then I plan on roasting a 14 lb fresh turkey on the Virco rotisserie. I'm looking through the Better Homes and Gardens BBQ cookbook for hints on a suitable overnight marinade. In the past I've found that a cajun seasoning works just fine, along with some garlic cloves and fresh oregano and tarragon rub inside and out.

Happy 4th!

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Cold sesame noodles and jumbo shrimp. I marinated the shripm for about an hour in some peanut sesame sauce I bought at Costco. Then I cooked a pound of linguine and chilled it in ice water. I got the Virco super hot with one of those perforated frying pans and cooked the shrimp.

I poured some of the peanut sauce into the chilled and drained pasta and added the hot cooked shrimp on top doused with some freshly grated parmesan and hot pepper flakes on the side. God bless America!!!

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Omaha Stks. & pineapple

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CG - I've tried the shrimp in those grill woks, grates, etc. and also right on the grill (Virco). I've decided I like directly on the grill better as there is less surface area to rub off any marinades, etc. I simply turn them once with tongs. Works great and removes 1 more item from cleanup.

BSBBQ - I saw a commercial for Johnsonville brats. They say to boil them in beer with chopped/sliced onion and a pat of butter for 12 minutes - then finish on the grill. I'm going to try this but not sure what the butter part would add. Probably coats them a bit to help create a skin/glaze or something when on the grill?

I'm now changing this thread to "What DID you cook up on the 4th". :)

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