Knoxville Chair and Table Co. INFO???

creativesoapstoneJune 3, 2007

My aunt collected white oak pieces back in the day when they were giving them away. She sold all her G. Stickleys during the divorce but smuggled this table out of the house and gave it to my mother who in turn gave it to me. It's a beautiful piece. I'd upload a picture but I'm still trying to figure out how..

anyways, any info on the company is appreciated. I can't seem to find anything on the internet about them.

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I found a few tidbits that might give you a starting point.

Here's one that says K'ville Table & Chair was in business in 1929.

A partial Nov 29, 1903 article from Atlanta Constitution newspaper. You have to purchase the full article :/

A court case dated Sept 9, 1914, between KNOXVILLE TABLE & CHAIR CO vs KERR BROS. & CROSS et al. (Another one that has to be purchased from the law site for full access.)

Tidbits of 3 articles from Grand Rapids Public Library dated 1922 and 1931.

Since the above are newspaper articles and court case, deeper more diligent searching (at your library?) might get you free access since it's public record.

Also found online Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture but haven't found anything about the company there (yet).

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