Looking for high-quality curved double shower curtain rod

VDUBAUDIJanuary 23, 2012

I have the Kohler Purist series fixtures, so looking for something modern looking-ish.

Anyway, looking for a double bar that is substantial (thick metal, etc.) I have seen some that look decent but are thin metal and not of good enough quality for me.

Oh, chrome would be the finish. HELP!!!

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We have The Crescent Rod in two of our bathrooms and they are very good quality. Ours are brushed nickel (or brushed steel?). BB&B was carrying them at the time, so we bought them there, but I don't think they carry that particular brand anymore. We especially liked the fact that the rods themselves are one-piece, so the curtain rings don't catch on anything when opening and closing the shower curtain.

Here is a link to the company's website (apparently in the process of a redesign): http://www.showersolutions.com/
and below is a link to a polished metal rod on Amazon. You can probably Google various metal finishes to find one you prefer. For the original Crescent Rod (TM), it is usually listed as The Crescent Rod. I believe they also make a double rod version.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Crescent Rod on Amazon

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Thanks for this post! I am in the process of looking for something very similar for my bathroom update! Good to know that Crescent is quality and sturdy.

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We have had both the single & double rod from the Crescent Rod company. VERY sturdy & love that we can use the inner rod for hanging the bath towel to dry. Target has these dual sided shower curtain hooks that allow you to put the pretty curtain and the liner on the same hook with easy removal for washing the liner--they have been a godsend. I couldn't find them on their website but they have the slider beads on the hook that goes over the rod then T's down and curves in opposite directions creating a hook for each curtain. Good luck!

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Apparently the Crescent rod has changed and has plastic mounting brackets and isn't as heavy duty as it previously was.

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OMG--seriously? Well we'll be taking ours with us (and put in replacements) if/when we ever move out of this house then!

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Where did you hear/read this VDUBAUDI?

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Just a word of caution. I have a curved Moen shower rod in my bathroom, however it is a single not a double. It has rusted badly and must be replaced. Don't buy a Moen rod.

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cat mom, i read it in reviews on Amazon I think. From people who had previously purchased these at BBB.

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Not finding that--on Amazon the reviews are at least a few years old (that I saw), and all positive. Strange. Maybe I will contact the manufacturer--I recommend them to friends, so want to know why they changed it.

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cat mom, following the link you provided, here is what the guy said:

I have an original Crescent Rod I bought at B,B & Beyond a few years back, which is sturdy and works great. This one, even though it came in a Moen package, is very light weight and has very lightweight, plastic mounting brackets, not the heavier-duty metal ones I got with my old one. I can't see this thing supporting a curtain and liner without problems, so I'm sending it back. Just too flimsy to have any confidence in.

Maybe i misenterpreted him?

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Hmmm, maybe the one he got was actually a Moen, not a Crescent Rod? I will look the next time I go to BB&B, but I'm pretty sure they don't carry the CR brand there any more. I was very happy we'd gotten the CR's vs. whichever ones they had the last time I'd looked. The CR's are one piece rods like I said, and the newer ones they carried were two-piece. Didn't pick up the newer one at all, so don't know how much lighter they are, but the CR's are a nice sturdy weight.

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So, I found the original crescent rod on vintage tub .com. I ordered two as I want a double setup. All good reviews on there too (vast majority of them were). So, I'll take your and their word for it. Anxious to do this!

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Haven't used the double rods, but if they're anything like the single rods, they should be good. Glad you found them!

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No, I just bought two single rods and plan on mounting them next to each other so that it will function like a double rod. :)

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I wanted a curved double curtain rod. Certain grades of stainless steel will rust and many so-called "quality" rods are made of this less expensive stainless (400 series). 300 series stainless is more corrosion resistant. Curtain rods by Ginger are made of brass with heavy plating in various finishes which are not supposed to rust, . But Ginger does not make a double curved rod. So it was suggested to me that I could use 2 of their curved rods side by side to achieve the same effect. It's expensive but still cheaper than most glass tub/shower doors - at least the ones I like.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Is there a reason to use these 'curved rods'? And is anyone still using theirs and still happy with it? Especially don't' want one that rusts or does not hold up over time.

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I have a Moen single curved rod. I've only had it for a month or so, so it's too early for rust. However, I purchased it based on very good reviews, both here and on Amazon.

I was originally planning on getting a straight tension rod, because I needed my head examined. I had this notion that drilling holes in my new tub/shower surround tile was too heinous to consider. I even talked myself into thinking that the straight rod provided enough room while taking a shower. That may be sorta true. I'm small and don't fling my arms around a lot in the shower. I would have been fine and not emotionally scarred.

I finally had a moment of reason and let them install the curved rod. Not, mind you, until I'd been very scientific about finding the exact sweet spot for its placement.

It is wonderful. Seriously. The shower feels quite spacious in width with the curtain closed. I also like that outside the shower it doesn't look at all strange or bulge-y. Almost like an optical illusion.

Don't worry about the point where the two sections of rod meet. There's a little plastic thing that slides over it and if you use rings with ball bearings, they slide over it without a hitch.

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